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Not. Old products qualify although the Popula- billy bookcase is specifically mentioned. There are reports department store John Lewis is considering a similar scheme. Could this be the start of a true Sukkur Economy This now James Spencer tells me about clean. Air Leads according to Transport Journal route one the city of Leeds in northern England intends to formally abandoned plans for clean as to see as ed Counsel James Lewis Lied City Council, Deputy Leader, and executive board member with responsibility for equity said when we consulted on the C as in twenty eighteen. We said that we hope that nobody would be charged because businesses would switch to less polluting vehicles before the charging system took effect and that's exactly what has happened. We've achieved the aims of the without having to charge a single vehicle. If leads to introduce a see as today, only a fraction of vehicles will be affected. The vast majority of businesses are now using cleaner vehicles and they were just a few years ago. Besides Leagues Bristol in Sheffield on other cities that are reconsidering that clean as proposals after seeing major improvements in equality through changes in travel behavior. Due to the centralized nature of administration in the UK and he's such decision will be approved by the government in London. Do. You remember Erin Brockovich. The eponymous full was based on the true story of her role in a lawsuit against Pacific. Gas and electric of alleged contamination of drinking water. In Real Life Erin Brockovich is still compaigning. According to the hill, she's warning that America. is now a water crisis far worse than people realize. She says, we are in a water crisis beyond anything you can imagine. Pollution toxins everywhere stemming from the hazardous waste of Industry and agriculture. We've got more than forty thousand chemicals on the market today with only a few hundred regulated. We've had industrial by products discarded into the ground and into.

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