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Know talking about it tvs rather blake i love i love tv shows it's like my life but like i also felt like i i think at a similar thought to use like like what more can i be doing in my space in my with the skills that i have and i felt like i don't know for me just like having any sort of human connection like you can do that through the the the tv you can do that through entertainment you can do that through just having conversations and this is just another wave of doing that and it's something that i've really enjoyed and found really fulfilling and again it's it's very hard to grab my head around like how it helps other people but especially with this podcast like i feel like it helps me just being part of the conversations so like when i get masses his from people that are like men i your podcast it's like it really inspired me to do this hurts it's like it's really helped me through this and like yeah totally know what you mean cause them this thing for me and like i just i'm just i feel like iin a listener that his dislike like getting the the process to happen in front of me no at school i think you're doing a killer job here and i think like all of that that that really resonates with me that desire to just like communicate beyond like ito the power of veto i'm jiri epa is a powerful a thing for you and the ability to communicate beyond you know a blindside or a big move for me or you know a beheading if it's game of thrones it's it's it's important you gotta stay human you gotta you gotta stay immersed in these types of conversations and i think.

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