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Haircut. Storyline is awesome. Who guys it called. The gives one haircut season so good is just an unbelievably incredible thing and like the art behind everyone like rallying behind like the way that isaac is considering. Sam matador like a entrance with the tools and the dancing around and a great character. The way that the us isaac on on the show he sort of does have like this like he just like kind of have like this. Call drago vibe about him. You know what i mean. There is like this sort of warlord quality to him and like the way that he leads. This team i think is really really great. Yeah look how he won. The respect of roy canon sees it was by breaking television. That is raqi as you can get in that film room. I think without breaking laws. There's a lot more to talk about the haircut. I love the haircut is well. I thought the haircut was really great. There's something in the west wing. You may not have seen an allison janney moment. The jackal is very reminiscent of the jackal hours. Just basically lip sync that. Allison janney performs. That is like among anyone who knows in the office at the west wing just this legendary performance that she will occasionally do on at moments of True rebels So she performs it on the show and it is very very similar to this. Where it's a yawn moss. Moment where it's just like. Don't are you really talking to me while the jackal is happening like you're doing this now like it's just it's very very reminiscent of that and i. I really enjoyed that scene. And i you know this is the benefit of having a longer episode because we can have just great moments like this which really just add a running joke to the show where people talk about the haircut throughout whether it's our low wider rebecca but Just in a really good team moment and it feels very much like part of the. Afc richmond vibe. I really really liked it. This.

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