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Aw Easy I get it. It works fine. I think if you haven't watched wrestling in a couple months and you turn on the TV. And you see Daniel Bryan nine act completely differently the fact that he looks completely different with his haircut. His beard helps immensely all of a sudden things. Make more sense. It's just I feel like the way we we react to stuff. So I think that the Daniel Bryan new Daniel Bryan is very effective. Oh and don't forget I mentioned into the top of the show but Annex T as I think we know there are a bunch of new matches that they're gonNA have they've already announced I think at least one of them the roderick strong North American title Open Challenge. That's all going down Christmas night. December twenty fifth eight PM Eastern. Make sure you watch that show. I will be on it I will be on the Christmas an xt show. And I will be on the New Year's Eve the New Year's Day night and x t show January first eight. PM EASTERN USA network. I'll be a part of that show as well as December twenty fifth eight. PM EASTERN USA network. And I'm very excited. Not only to be a part of it but for you guys to see that as well as I was watching smackdown this week I started thinking a lot about Zarro says ro is such an interesting interesting case because everywhere you go. You have somebody talking about Cesar. There was an interview this week. That rea- Ripley did where she was talking about. How Oh helpful? CICERO was wrestlers loves his. Ro Corey Graves on his podcast first. Big Hot take that he had was that Zarro should be in the main event of every show every wrestler wrestler loves his. Ro every hardcore wrestling fan loves says ro and yet there's never really been a storyline or a moment where you would consider him anywhere near a main event person in fact more recently ever since the bar kind of disintegrated. This is our own shameless tag team. He hasn't really been doing much. I think that his spot right now with Nakimora and Sammy Zane is a good one. Because at least there's something thing right at least there's something there and I was sitting there going like okay what can we do with Zara says. Ro has AH tremendous respect from every wrestler imaginable every wrestler WWe or not. WWe loves CESARIO. He's he's got fan support. Every fan acknowledges that Zara is one of the best wrestlers on the roster. He's got great matches. I think even if you ask people in. WWE tweet they would tell you. You can always count on Cesar Oh to give you a fantastic match. Even if he takes a header into a poll and it caves his teeth in he will finish the match and give you a hell of a match. No matter who is working with. He'll give you a great match. So I'm going with all these elements right with all the respect. He's got got with all the acknowledgement from the fans that he's great and with with the knowledge that we go into knowing his matches are going to be great. Why doesn't Zoro matter more? Why isn't he a bigger deal and I figured it out? And here's my my pitch. Here's what I think we should do. What's his Ro? Going into twenty twenty. I think we should keep his. Ro with Sammy Zane. I think same using should should we far away from raw. Because he's a smackdown guy but I think as good as Saddam Hussein is in the ring he also happens to be incredible on the microphone and I think he's been really great with Shinsuke. Nakamura I think he's added a lot Shinsegei then he can add a lot to his aro so I think that same as ancient start building stable and his stable should be these guys who can without ever saying it these guys who came from outside of wwe who have the ability to put on world class matches that for some reason just haven't reached that next level in wwe because you'd probably say the same thing about Sammy's Ain himself. Sammy Zane should see himself in the people that he represents. So you get Shinsegei Okay Nakimora and you've got cicero which Shinsegei Shinsegae's doing great. I think Sammy Zane has increased his stock. The thing about Zara is that while he's got great matches. We have to do something where those great matches matter. As I said earlier it is not enough to have great matches. You have to have great matches. That have a consequence to to have great matches that have a hook to them. You have to have great matches that get us the fans excited. So here's what I would do. I would have Sammy Zane presents. His Ro zero with the European Championship. OUT HAVE SAMMY'S AIN'T DIG it up. It would be now that they've changed the intercontinental title to design every title has a modern designed to it now tag team titles the universal. WWe everything's got a modern design. So you bring back the European title and you you have the classic design on it of course not the scratch. WWe Logo but the new wwe logo on top of it but besides that everything is exactly the same greenback. The whole thing the deal. Oh Brown European championship title returns. And Sammy's ain't just has it. And Sammy. Zane presents the European title to CICERO. Pro 'cause who better in the wwe to represent Europe then Zara. And while I know that I it would be like well. You know. Then the European title wouldn't mean anything. The when they brought the world championship in Eric. Bischoff just handed it to triple. H The criticism was that now. You've got this world champion on this show. But he's done nothing to earn now. I never had a huge problem with that because triple h was a bad guy so the idea that the bad guy was holding onto this title that he never ever really earned to begin with. I don't think is that problematic but I get the criticism however I think that you can build credibility for the title within its defenses so once you have presented the European Championship to Cro. And it's just his. I think I the questions can be raised. Is this even a real recognize title but that will go away when we start having Cesar caliber matches for the title. I think it's it's it's very important that says says ro be presented with the European Championship and then start defending it all the time regularly at least three times a month on smackdown. Most weeks says are always defending the European championship on pay per views. Not on the kickoff show on the pay per view proper oppor because I know people are like well. There's more is on the kickoff show. There's more this there's more than that kickoff show is still on the network. It's still part of the pay-per-view but it's not having the cruiserweight championship. Amy Jo on the kickoff show every single pay-per-view did nothing for the cruiserweight championship so you gives his. Ro Pay per view matches you give smackdown matches. Their all singles matches their all European title matches. And what I believe will happen is that he will have matches. That are so good that the European title will become that title. You know every time. Somebody wins the Intercontinental Continental Championship. People say like oh well hopefully they'll bring the credibility back. Hopefully everybody's got this idealized vision of the intercontinental championship which is probably existed from. I'm like maybe like eighty eight eighty nine ninety two. I guess maybe a little earlier than that maybe like eighty six eighty seven to ninety two. You know I think from like Wrestlemainia three until until yeah I would. I would give it from wrestlemania three until survivor series nineteen ninety two. That was the key era of the Intercontinental Championship. I started with the Macho Man Randy Savage Intercontinental Championship wrestlemainia three. And I end it with Bret Hart versus Shawn Michaels at survivor series. Ninety two Sean had the intercontinental title at the time but before that was summer slam to Bret Hart versus the bulldog at Wembley and so on and so forth. There are a couple of moments in there. You know I think the Honky Tonk man's rain was probably not known as a great wrestling title rain. But more of a gimmick for the Honky tonk man. It was successful for what it was but it didn't really fit. The narrative of the Intercontinental Championship is the working man championship. BREAD HARVARD'S IS MR perfect summer. Slim ninety-one is exactly what I'm talking about even carry von Erich holding that title to Kerry von Erich Mr Perfect matches inches. That's what I'm talking about is the title for the Guy who is busting is asked the hardest and maybe would be able to get bumped bumped up to wwe championship status. While I don't know that the European title is GonNa turn anybody into a main inventor. I think that the European title if given two zero R. were allowed to defend it on a regular basis. I think it would become the working. Man's title I think that the European title I think that there is room for a secondary title on smackdown on a secondary. I think I think there's room for another title. You could put another title on both shows if you wanted to but I think the fact that the fiend has the university diversity Universal Championship and that title is not defended other than on some pay per views not even every pay per view and the Universal Championship is not not defended on May depend on half if that probably depend on less than half of the pay per views and the champion isn't even on television. I think you've got room to bring back that European title on smackdown. I think that what would end up happening is at first. We would take it not so seriously as kind of a he'll giving title away but very very quickly what would make the title be taken seriously. The waste our would defend it I think if Zara Zara were given the European Championship and started to defend it as if it were a real legit title and Challenger started fighting for it as if it were a unreal legit title. I think very quickly you could have a scenario where people are really looking forward to European championship matches and I think that's Zarro can base his entire identity around that European title. I think that the idea of going back to being very European and and making it so that says ro is the European title and the European title is his Ro makes it an even bigger deal because now he's fighting so hard to keep that title because without it. I think and and I think you've also got potential to bring him over to annex T U K and having defend the title there but realistically I think that it would do wonders versus are on smackdown. I think could do wonders for Cicero on paper view. If you were given handed a European title from Sami Zane and then went off and defended it against all challengers Challenger's I'd be there for every single title defense and I think it would be just about the coolest thing that you could have forces. Ro In twenty twenty. I'm here for it. I hope you are too and I hope you'll be here.

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