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In baseball history. Now in the sixteen bening has the Boston Red Sox on the Los Angeles Dodgers remained talented to both teams scored. Bizarre runs on the thirteenth that kept game. Three going. Little Red Sox were also close to taking a three games to none lead in the series. But second baseman, Ian kens layers wild through on a two out grounder by. Thirteenth. Let the dodgers score. The tying run Boston. Went ahead in the top half of the inning. When hold scored from second on a bad feeling exchange between dodgers reliever Scott Alexander at infielder in Riga. Hernandez twice before had serious games. Lasted fourteen innings. Mets royals in two thousand fourteen White Sox Astros in two thousand five. Speaking of the Mets outfielder you win assess has undergone healed surgery the second to foot operations that the team hopes will enable them to return at some point next year and numerous broadcast reports indicating the Mets are zero in on agent Brodie van wagon as their new general manager after winning on opening night. The Knicks lost five street. Their latest loss of the hands of the Golden State Warriors one twenty eight to one hundred out the garden sort of three point lead entering the fourth quarter. But the warriors exploded outscoring the next forty seven to sixteen in the final quarter. Kevin Durant outscored the next all by himself with twenty fourth quarter points and finished with forty one points and nine rebounds. Steph curry had Twenty-nine. Tim Hardaway junior Lebanese with twenty four the New Orleans pelicans remained undefeated to start the season at foreign coming from behind to defeat Brooklyn one seventeen to one fifteen but that's now for all the two and three on the young season. Drew holiday led the pelicans with twenty six points. Anthony Davis, fourteen rebounds diangelo Russel at twenty four four. Brooklyn Notre Dame football on Bloomberg eleven three. Oh, the third ranked finding Irish at seven the no take all the naval academy in San Diego. Pre game coverage at seven PM later this evening kick-off at eight with the Bloomberg sports update. I'm Tom Rogers. Bloomberg opinion on Bloomberg radio. Bring you news comments and insights from Bloomberg pinions worldwide team of editors and columnists. I'm your host, June Grosso.

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