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Team name to eight on the same day that the washington football team whittles down. It's choices for their team. Name to either changed or kept down to eight choices. We had paul rudd colin from england from london stepping off the set of aunt man to to take part in our in our Our annual Request of his time to help us choose our team name. Maybe he should call the washington football team right now. I think we'd be ehrlich duty. Watch the football team. Came up with a final round of eight. Although i'm wondering if paul could be counted on that because paul chose one for us out of the final eight and We were a little disappointed. We wanted him to choose the other one right. Would you say. I think glenn watson chosen walking ibuprofen over glenn wasser knots which is a reference to from a caller for forgetting what glenn close his last name was. I don't i don't know why the great actress glenn close was at all part of our conversation at the time. That's the problem with just jotting these down without putting in the context We're real rounded. Show rich. i thanked paul for his time. Because again i mean. He's only deep in the marvel universe and those aren't just like you know. Hey can you just come for fifteen minutes shoot. You're seeing a that's like you know that's an all day situation. It's a big deal. So i thanked him for his time and he wrote you got. It probably should've gone with glenn watcher. Not is it too late to switch never to the poll and let the people people should decide. I mean 'cause. Paul touched both of them. Because and speaking of touching though. It's kind of like chess when you if you had head is paul ryan hanging up the phone. Essentially take his finger off the chesapeake. Like it's not an official move. Although i never saw that in the queen's gambit you know it's not an official fisher move right until searching for taking my finger off the which is what we would say to. Each other kids play cherry on. I'm not done done man. We moved back him hanging up the phone. I mean it's really are. I mean you thought we could do whatever we want. Yeah it seems. Like paul had buyer's remorse like weird tradition. He's had buyers should guide right that back. I mean if you guys want to. I mean he came back and said it seems to me like he thought about emojis of him. I don't understand emojis Because they all have meaning correct they mean which yeah what was the eric dickerson used emoji back at me. That i don't know what that emoji means. 'cause i said on yesterday's show and derrick henry was running gonna run break his record. What did he send you. I don't know it kind of it was he. He wrote back. Because i said that eric dickerson is going to have to prepare it. You know he asterisk speech that there's an asterisk on his record. It's not the moon that he used but he kinda us like. The side of the situation goes l. Ll you're funny guy rich. We'll see you know. i responded. I responded with the The goodfellas jeff of like funny. Now i'd have to see this one though. I had a write in name for you guys. And you got to pump chumps. Well that's you're you're making fun of ourselves. I mean you just make fun of in pumped now or not should be the winner. You have buyer's remorse. I'm sending him right now. Oh we think you put a poll. We can act like you never took your finger off the chesapeake. Then we'll see what he says. If he gives the go ahead. I think we do right. I'm gonna put up a poll into why don't you come on. The poll is going to go with somebody called. Of course you should name your team. Glenn wasn't nuts especially since my children are gonna say dad. How's glenn watson nuts dillon. Hey dad did glenn. What's her nuts. When i just want to see that avatar is it her holding the bunny has to be. It's gotta be avatars. She's she's down on the floor like flip in the light switch like she's in a bad state right fine tantamount. They're funny that we use that movie. 'cause i think that's what it was right on what i thought the caller it was michael douglas after and he goes yes. That movie with Glenn wasser not the guy. I'm pretty sure i don't remember. I put up a poll to see people say Uh let's go to mike in washington. Dc you're here on the richeisenshow. What's up mike. Mike my to rich. Tj del. Tufo brockman to talk a little bit about the washington. Football team may just how the apes up. If i had to pick one out of those as I'm definitely sticking with the washington football team. Think there's other names are a bit Childish the fans favourite around year are the red wolves That sounds like something. I could have come up with in the fourth grade or something My space that they took off the less worthy read tales. I thought with the military presence in the area The red tail really taken off But that fell off with their And that's all. I got for you on that. I thank you for the call. Appreciate that I'm i'd stick with the washington. Football team i kind of i like retail's to read. Jails is good but it's not unless unless you should call up the snyder's i'll get you their number. Yup suggest the write in candidate to punch wife. Eleven pump chumps washington. Pump jump the washington pump challenge. Wpro do it. You know w problem with doing. Just call him mr snider. Okay just for me you know. I got snyder idea. How much of the new place he paid for it. I think they all in for thirty days. Intr he's in for one. He's he's in for one thirty two and that's got to be a lot. I can't tell you how beautiful boats together okay More predicting let's do it. Jeff daniels by the way is going to join us on this program I love this guy Celebrity true or false with him going to be something you need to see a lot of dumb and dumber dumb and dumber little spots. Brought touchy speed little touches speed. Remember yeah right right speed. Which by the way we live. We live every day here. The one oh five at the speed freely the speed was it wasn't connected wasn't finished the first ever vehicle. On the one five was the speed bus yup flakes drove around the airport for the honestly like.

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