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That's kind of the. The central idea of the whole thing is just embrace your drek and if you embrace it hard enough you might find something amazing in again. One of the all-time great film performances is in one of the dumbest movies. Ever made was pretty stunning. Was on the west anyway. Now risen higher. Thanks to include me. Honestly you're like there must have been a meeting at new world where they were going and by the way there were consistent reviews going. It's stupid fucking monster movie. But michael moriarty my god. It's ebert lieber trivia was like you have to see this murari so there must have been like an hour meeting of. Do we do nascar pain like how. How do we pull this. They didn't do it but there must have been that discussion of we have a legitimate. We could hope over an oscar on this goddamn thing and they should have it. It's an oscar worthy performance. It's like daniel day-lewis in supporting role and leprechaun three well. How did he end up in that. What's on did did did he do. Resurfaces paul what's going on. So yeah what's what's your appetite. Generally four marathons. Movie theater marathons you. Have you ever done those. Like famed like thon. Twenty four hour things. Every time the button the cutie would happen. I was i was courtesy was always working. I've always always wanted to do those. I've done i've done an all nightmare to orpheum downtown. That wasn't in the nineties. I and then also in the ninety s. I did it all night. Marathon at the cinerama dome which was amazing. Beautiful prince. And i didn't want it to new beverly but i never was able to do but non especially i've wanted to do cutie fest at the at the Alamo i mean once the you know. Once the lockdown and safely we have a vaccine we can trust. I would love to go back to my that. Now it's weird. I grew up in the suburbs. I had no access to any kind of good art film or anything like that and now in my hometown of sterling virginia. There's a alamo draft house killing that. I could do and it's just trust me. Have you could have grown up with that. Have you been to a theater all of this. I haven't no. I would no. I would never good no. You can't aunt. I just i watch stuff on on tv. I'm trying to you know weirdly. I've i've gone down. I've gone really nice. I mean i'm very lucky. I have the criterion channel. And they did that whole Noir western thing summer. They just did a month last month. Seventies horror movies. So i was able to just all that great. Let's scare jessica to death and you know The brood and the crazies texas chainsaw that great golden age of american horror movies where it was about like america itself is part of the problem. It's just the rot. And the unease and the paranoia is is the monster so fucking great to watch so you did go seven days when asked you to pick a specific comfort movie. But it's certainly not seventies horror. It's one that i hadn't seen in a while. I revisited it last night. And there's lots of talk about them. I'm curious let's talk about your comfort movie. Tell us what you chosen. In brief while ios. I chose nine hundred. Seventy four is murder on the orient express. Sidney lumet hot off dog day afternoon. Serpico i'm going to say that i know and it's it's such great movie. Will you could just do high-end like you know a cozy british mystery films. The rest of his career. He was so good that it's still the best picture. Poirot sorry david suchet. I love you. But the albert finney is amazing including the fact that when our pending was during the movie he was also doing a play in the west end so he would do the play at night he would go home and sleep and they sent an ambulance to his house with two guys that would he would stay asleep. They put him on a stretcher. Put him in the back of ambulance quietly. Drive him to the studio and then start him into make he would wake up in the makeup. Just you can just get that extra sleep. Shoot for the day and then go to the play at night like just a just an absolute monster and A cast of just nothing but ringers. Nothing but ringers and It is a very cozy movie about a murder on a high end luxury train. The orient express the kelly coach but what was hidden in the movie That's doesn't it doesn't tell you that it's about it but it's also about its this whole way of living that's about to go away. It's post world war one. They're thinking maybe there's going to be another war that they mentioned a couple of times. There's rachel roberts plays kind of neo. Nazi anthony perkins's clearly closeted You know but everyone everyone is just. It's that repressive old victorian era. That's crumbling and they believed in the system of laws and closure. That completely betrayed them. So they've gotta take the law into their own hands and kill an american gangster that And again yes. It's a g. rated not horror movie except that the actual murder sequence the way that it's filmed is so fucking scary and disturbing like disturbing for a movie that has no cursing has no. I mean there's no blood there's no but the way they shoot the murder scene actually hearkens.

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