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I met Donna here. Bill Cosby is out of a Pennsylvania prison. He had served two years in a sex assault conviction. The Pennsylvania Supreme Court threw out the conviction ruling. The prosecutor who brought the case was bound by his predecessors Agreement not to charge Cosby. Attorney and legal analyst Prius. So pre says District Attorney Kevin Steele decided to charge Cosby but Bruce Castro had made an agreement with Cosby. Bill Cosby was not going to be criminally prosecuted with respect to these charges that had been brought by this constant. The court called Bill Cosby, subsequent arrest an affront to fundamental fairness. Particularly when it results in a criminal prosecution. That was four gone for more than a decade. His family says former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld has died. He was 88 charges are expected against the Trump Organization and an executive Here's the A. P S. My Gracia. Charges are expected to be filed Thursday against former President Donald Trump's company and his longtime finance chief. Manhattan District attorney Cyrus Vance Jr has led a two year probe into the Trump Organization. The charges against the company and chief financial officer Alan Wisenberg appeared to involve non monetary benefits. The company gave two top executives, possibly including use of apartments, cars and school tuition. Wise Dulberg came under scrutiny in part because of questions about his son's use of a trump apartment at little or no cost. Barry Weissler Berg managed to Trump operated ice rink in Central Park. His ex wife, Gen. Y Silberg, has been Cooperating with the investigation. I might grow CIA for more bodies have been found from the rubble of the collapsed condo building in South Florida. 16 people are dead. Miami Dade County Mayor Daniella Levine Cava says they're actively determining how many people are missing. We need to verify every reports..

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