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Be high but this along with some freezing rain is still might mix in me in some locations could see slick spots today there's a few school delays for today melt Notre Dame high school Preval Shani Franklin County community schools among those operating on a two hour delay you can check the entire list if you go to seven of W. W. dot com and search closings doesn't run elementary in pleasant run middle school are both close today but that's because of a power outage that happened earlier this morning in call right now the latest traffic and weather together from the you see how traffic center you see health Westchester hospital nationally recognized for providing superior medical care in outstanding patient experiences to seventy five thinking a hard hit this morning because of the wet conditions and the snow east bound the brake lights started the Reagan highway and go past Hamilton Avenue west bound for the Milford parkway into you get closer to Montgomery road on south bound seventy one break like start above the Reagan highway continue down the Red Bank north bound slows from the lateral indeed can with heavy traffic on southbound seventy five off the lawn from Cincinnati date road right on through the lock one split and north bound seven define slows from performing in the town and then again I'm not a Saint Bernard making your way towards town north bound for seventy one backs to two seventy five and there's a wreck on the beach not levy near thirty two chucking from newsradio seven hundred WLW album his forecast from the advanced dentistry weather center we moving your fear of seeing the dentist with the help of IV sedation learn more at no fear dentist dot com freezing drizzle and snow will be possible as we head through the peak morning drive today and that's why we're under a winter weather advisory until ten o'clock by this afternoon though partly cloudy conditions are back with a temperature of high about thirty five tonight slipping down to twenty mostly clear conditions than tomorrow partly cloudy.

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