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Number of new cases of coronavirus in Ohio over the past 24 hours. 426 and that is still below the 21 Day average, an update on the suspects who allegedly picked on homeless people. They are accused by Cincinnati police shooting a BB gun during Dr buys. The two sisters who were caught on camera shooting a BB gun at people last week have now turned themselves into police 28 year old Kelsey and 29 year old Britney Hopper are both facing three counts of assault each After they allegedly drove through over the Rhine and downtown last Thursday, targeting homeless people with those BB gun rounds, the hoppers tried to disguise their car with spray paint, but photos of the vehicle along with surveillance footage led to their identification. One of the sisters reportedly said that she was drunk as she turned herself in today, Police are still trying to identify a man seen in the video with them. That's Rick you Chino reporting from Cincinnati. In Cleveland. Police say 36 people have been shot four killed since last Friday morning. This number includes eight people who were shot at a graduation party in the Clark Fulton neighborhood last weekend that pretrial hearing for a former Columbus cop who killed an unarmed Andre Hill last December. Won't happen until late July. Adam Coy was supposed to be in court yesterday, but his appearance has been rescheduled for next month. On the 21st first of a kind lawsuit, the state of Ohio's attorney general wants Google to be declared a public utility, just like an electric company. State. A G Dave Yost has filed suit in Delaware County, accusing Google of anti competitive practices. Saying that because it is the dominant Internet search engine. Google has an obligation to treat all users and all information the same. Comparing it to a railroad or the electric company. I'm Jack Crumley and I'm Matt Reese. You never know.

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