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Aa corpus christi leading san antonio seven three san antonio w club for the padres eighteen at ten but they're down by four in the ninth inning here's the set and had the into spanish enberg paul the catcher bounce hit the empire lake elsinore held to to hit so far through six innings pass they trail modesto one zero hi in lake elsinore padres affiliate they're trying to come back and tonight low a wisconsin beat fort wayne the padres affiliate eight four at fort wayne fort wayne thirteen at sixteen playing better after a slow start the ten caps in indiana padres affiliate one ball to strikes here's the pitch it is high two balls and two strikes from oberg to spanish enberg oberg signed and developed by the rockies major league debut in two thousand fifteen parts of four years in the big leagues two two for a ball those scores we gave you from around the padres organization the mississippi valley transportation roads to the show brought to you by valley transportation it's time to hit the road mvp is hiring for dedicated regional truck drivers and fly now at drive for m.

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