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More jobs and training for the Saudi Crown prince, chairman of the council of economic affairs and development has focused on developing human capabilities. Preparing the new generation for future jobs. Let's get to Bloomberg's executive editor for the Middle East and Africa Riyadh. How are they Riyadh you've covered and seeing these speeches over many years. How did this one stand out compared to some of the others? You've experienced look I mean, he he reiterated some of the core issues of Saudi Arabia on terms of energy market. I mean, you you listen to you listed almost every issue that they traditionally mentioned, I think what what most observers were looking for some sort of reference to the case, which is making a really big waves and causing a lot of strain between the between the Saudis and the key relationship between them and the US. And I think he didn't mention that. He didn't he didn't get into that at all. And instead stuck to the standard lines of Saudi policy, balancing, the oil market is one thing, for example, which is kind of in the headlines now, the war in Yemen, Iran, again, I'm not going to repeat the list that you mentioned he also I think the mention of of his son. And the focus on the economic policies. A social changes might be interesting. But then again, that's what the conference kind of made his major sort of his major policy. So he's kind of iterating that that is his role. Riyadh, it's Tracy here. In Hong Kong, a very smart Middle East and Africa executive editor once told me that behind every word uttered in the Middle East. There is a secret. Meaning so what are your takeaways from this, particular speech? I think my well, my takeaways that they're keen to return to normal as it were to sort of the before has rookery period as quickly as possible. How how are they going to do that that's hard to see because it's really not in their hands. There's the tape. There's a relationship with Trump and Trump himself has has now made clear that he I mean, he's he's reiterated again. And again that he really wants to maintain the relationship not just with Saudi Arabia as a whole, but specifically with the crown prince, but there's a little bits of news, drip, tripping out continuing to drip out. And if the tape for example, gets released, and if it's clearer in the tape for everyone to hear the Hamad bin Salman is involved, then it's not really in the hands of the Saudis who continue to deny vehemently that the crown prince was in any way involved in this. Yep. Indeed. All right, Bloomberg Middle East and Africa executive editor Hamadi. Thank you so much up next. It's a tale of two techs..

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