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To W T O P listeners. David was in Manassas Gum Spring Road, They're paving and stand from suddenly road to get on the gums Bring were traffic is alternating married to pump the WTF. Traffic and here storm Team four. Meteorologist Lauren Rickets this weekend. Expect those temperatures right around 90 degrees. I think we'll have a few more clouds around today than tomorrow and little less humidity today, then tomorrow, But both days will feed your lesson about a 20% chance of a passing shower or storm and overnight tonight we're in the sixties to right around 70. Now Monday looks like our best chance of rain and it's gonna be much cooler on Monday. Temperatures are going to be in the seventies by the time we get into Monday and again, with a few showers skirting across the area Tuesday. Back in the eighties and then by Wednesday, expect nineties to return. I'm storm team for meteorologists, Lauren Rickets 69. Now in Annapolis, 68 Buoy and 62 in Bristowe and congratulations to an of Falls church. She knew this hours. Mystery newsmaker was Russell Westbrook, who helped lead the Wizards in the playoffs. This week. She's one of $150 gift card to Fogo to shown listening during the eight a.m. hour tomorrow for another chance to play the W T O P Mystery newsmaker contest. This'll is w t o p your resource for today's top news, traffic and weather always connected and constantly updated. W T o p. Never miss a moment. W T O P s top news is brought to you by van Meter Homes Find a home That's right for you at Van Meter Homes calm. Good morning. I'm John Ear and Luke, Luke wrote is our producer. Coming up plans for next steps amid a cease fire between Israel and Hamas that has so far been successful prospects for a vast.

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