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Minute. What kind of dreams you have about the Buffalo Bills? Your Buffalo Bill's going to the Super Bowl? Pretty. I'm staring at my sermon Thomas Jersey the pride of open the station. It was number 34, the man who let us the four straight Super Bowls. Right now I am praying to this jersey. I'm looking at it every night before I go to bed because Freddie just bringing back some amazing memories of those those teeth back in the early nineties. You know those teams Jim Kelly and Thurman Thomas and Ken Davis and Darryl Talley, Cornelius Bennett and Bruce Smith. Don Beebe and James lost in an entree redecorate go on and on. But what this team has done for fans like myself who have loved this thing organization for 30 years, and they've given us this light in the midst of this darkness, this pandemic led by the man who should be the M v P led by the man who is the best coach in this league. I'm talking about Josh Alan and coach McDermott. I'm talking about Leslie Frazier and Brian tables with tremendous game plans. I'm talking about a defense that continues to be disrespected. I am happy that Patrick Mahoney's is healthy. I'm happy that he's cleared. I'm happy that we're gonna go back to our head like we did back in 1994. The last time we punched our ticket to the Super Bowl, and we're gonna beat those cheese, Because what the grip player one day be the man you gotta beat the man and on Sunday night we are beating the man. Wow, I'm excited. Not just what you have C two for the seven outside bills. Versus Kansas City, Because area who wanted Mm, a analyst did. His thing has always been one Twitter area. Hirwani also plays have our brother joining Freddie coming too corny Cronin on Freddy efforts in his take care, Enjoy the fight and go. Buffalo Bill's good luck to you team on Sunday area. Let's go build them fired up. I wish it was game time right now. Let's see you. Thanks for having me guys. I'll put your area home. Bonnie Joining Freddie Coleman is corny Grown Infineon Fitzsimmons on Freddie Fitzsimmons. Thanks a progressive insurance drivers who saved with progressive state over $750. On average. This is when they would It really gets scary and afraid for me and Courtney Cronin. And our friends are putting us in the haunted house. That's next on ESPN radio coming up Monday..

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