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To it now the video doesn't have any sound to it they did really sound last week the audio recording show the peterson quickly zeroed in on the building where the massacre occurred so that kind of brings things into question there doesn't it he quickly zeroed in on the building whereas before the shooting us from the outside and whereas before according to his attorneys they was firecrackers again either way shooting firecrackers outside he still didn't do anything about but in the audio it shows he quickly zeroed in on the building for those of you keeping score at home that means he knew that it wasn't outside he quickly zero down on a building because that's where the gunfire was coming from the firecrackers or was it outside now inside he gave we've your quickly zeroing in on the building that everything is happening on i don't know what my for you know i'm not trained in police work i'll just point that out right now i've i've spoken to a lot of police officers actually shotguns with police officers in various states that i've lived in so i've actually spoken to a lot of cops but i am by no means trained in police work but it seems to me that even some mouth breathing drooler like myself would be able to look at the building and see all the children running from the building within two minutes and make the assessment that that's the builder that's the one right there there's that building there where nothing is happening and then there's that building where everybody's running out my intense police training tells me there you go now we're going to tell you what the audio was that he said because he actually says some things where it actually blows his whole statements out of the water that he didn't know what was going on we'll tell you what he said but i'm at the point where charges need to get fired filed against this guy i don't know what they would be i know what you could actually file against the guy but something needs to happen to this guy other than just retiring and trying to drift away when he.

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