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You're a Packers fan, but you have bare season tickets. Don't get that at all. The guy wants to dress up like a Packers fan and you as the bears wanna stop him. Don't you know, that's gonna end up in total disaster for you. It's like when the book of Mormon came out. Trey Parker, Matt stone. And the guys who created south park. And when book of Mormon came out, the Mormon church didn't protest the Mormon church. Didn't take to the streets, the Mormon church didn't tell you. Hey, don't don't go. See this show. Not the Mormon church. Did they bought full-page ads in the program that said you've seen the musical? Now. Learn about the religion. They ran ads in the program to say, hey, Mormons. We're actually pretty cool. Yeah. The coffee things true. But the rest of it's pretty cool. Come check us out. That's how you do it. That's how you handle your business. It was smart. It was effective. It was worthwhile. Now, how many how many more? More mormons. Did it bring? I I don't know. By the way. Do you ever see book of Mormon? That's an unbelievable musical. If you've never just good are just not in my top. It's not my favorite. It's not your top. What though? It's not your top whites on. It's probably like Rex Reed. I'm asking you a question. Third third. So when we what are your top musicals avenue Q is number one having accused really good advocates really really good, right 'cause puppets have sex onstage. Yes. It is fantastic. Right. Yeah. It's a tough call. I do I did love The Lion King. And I did like wicked wicked wicked is a tremendous show. So I have not seen Hamilton yet. And you're not out and yet. So Tony cats promotions has got us and win a prize package with Tony and producer artsy Hamilton what? Yeah,.

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