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Just different EPA genomes and Jessica Catala works on the epigenetics of east cells and try to work out exactly what I was describing earlier about the distribution of proteins between Dina breaks and controlling thing a cells age. And so though that's it that's basically the world's elite teams of epigenetics of aging but it's exploiting Two three years from now we'll have hundreds of lives. Yeah sounds I mean this is cool. It's something I've definitely this. This whole idea like is definitely in in some way. Come to my mind with the the Yamanaka factor and using that to like a reset for aging. Not just about making. I mean there's always the the okay well you can keep replenishing your your cell types types in different organs and kind of keep it going but like to like turn it back to think. It's a young cell. There's gotta be a way to be away right. Yemen did us a big favor. Actually John Gordon who won the Nobel Prize with Yamanaka. He really told US years ago. Back in the nineteen eighties that that reversal of aging is possible. And we didn't really get it. What he did was he took an adult cell nucleus from Tadpole put it into a frog's egg and made a new type whole what that actually tells you is that your genome can be reset to go way back? Aging is not a one way street. Yeah the fact so you can take your adult song. Reset to stem. Cells is proof right and we and now we know the machinery at least the beginnings of it and it's very exciting time so excited right now like. Yeah there's all this other stuff we were going to talk about. You know we you mentioned boosters and we probably should should definitely get into that but well this central to because as I mentioned the proteins many of them are moving around controlling the EPA genome. You want to stabilize that is best you can animals like whales and naked mole. Rats have a very stable able EPA genome so this moving around routines and EPA. Genomic noise accumulating if we're exercising we're taking ad boosters we do slow that process down. I believe believe. Let's talk about. What boosters are so the precursors for the issue making eighty in our bodies and we? Yeah we do. And so eight is recycled in the body. Because there's grams of Econ eight that much easily. And there's a psychological the salvage pathway van de and it all starts with nicotinamide which is a a form of vitamin B. Three. But you can't just or you can but it's not very effective just overdose on vitamin B.. Three because you need other things to make the big molecule. NADC is the reasons called nicotinamide. Adnan dynamically tide. Is that Scott. These three main components and the dynamically tide is related to DNA online right. But that's beside the point. It's a big molecule. So that if you give a big molecule to sells it doesn't get taken up so we don't feed animals in D. and we don't just feed them nicotinamide which is the little end pot of eighty. 'cause it's too small in the UK these other parts so any man and in our two molecules it stands for Nicotinamide Mono nuclear tied which is essentially the precursor the immediate precursor to eighty eighty. If you give a cell in it will be taken up by transporter which was just discovered by my buddies keenum I used to work at. Mit Now he's at washy. Few weeks ago He wrote about it. I wrote about it that There's a transporter that sucks up intimate and the man is converted within one step to eighty in the cell. And now it's locked big big. Marcus locked inside. The cell and that step is carried out by an enzyme. It's got a name called an empty and that ends on goes up distress and calorie restriction in yeast. It's the same step. And so we show years ago that that step of conversion of an amendment and a D. or in yeast What is it Nicotinic? Acid into an eighty is critical. Step for boosting. Ad When you're going through your circadian rhythms when you exercise when your cells stressed and without Out that step you. Don't get the benefits cal restriction your organs. Start to get old. So what is in our so in ours Fairly popular a lot of people have heard of it sands nicotinamide nicotinamide Rabo side. And all it is. It's just a smaller version of anime in without a phosphate on there so there's phosphorous on it. I'm so if you've taken are your body has to I put on a false first and then it has to Basically linked to them together to make the do so with all that said and our gets converted into animation first and then into NATO. Yes yes it has to yeah But in our and and and have both been shown to raise the levels in animals and in humans as well and small nuances about the differences but they both seem to be effective Not just in humans. Actually I should say in mice orbiting yeast. They work as well which is nice I suppose people are interested in the plant world. And what we eat the same pathways. These tune pathways exist in plants as well and they get turned on In response to stress we call this Zeno Hamas the idea that when we eat stress plants we get those molecules. They help help bodies so resveratrol back to that old chestnut. It's a great molecule that is produced when the grapes get stressed and fungus a the fungus will stimulate it or like of water so the when they've harvest red wine they don't they hope for a dry season that will boost the virtual levels and although although good good polyphenol molecules and we think that I think that When you ingest those molecules the tunes are have evolved to sense the plant world and if your food is stressed out your body will hunker down and become fitter as a result of sensing that because we can see crops that are dying or if the water tables drying growing up? Maybe contestants that little animals that we evolved from or even you know Squirrel. It's too dumb to know that it's food. Supplies stressed out. Its body has to take care of that that message. Yes so the spirituals. Activating all these stress response. Pathways that are basically you know in our you know we have in our inner body the and and basically turning on all these genes that are helping them deal with stress. But they're like staying activated for longer and so when you know basically aging which is a stress You're if you're basically dealing with aging better right couldn't put them myself and then the opposite if you spend your whole day sitting or typing or You're always satisfying in your hunger your tunes and your other pathways and economies tour. They say hey times are good. Let's just grow tissue goforth. Multiply Oy and not build sustainable body in the long run and because there's always a trade-off which which Tom Kirkwood call dot the disposable Saima hypothesis houses. And it's very true. You always have your body in a state of a little bit of stress hormone. We call that. Yes people listening to the PODCASTS. Or heard me talk about armies quite a bit my favorite is sulfurophane that molecule and the cruciferous vegetables. But I've been there is virtual field when I I was following it back in early. Two thousands You know is a very skeptical that there would be any affecting humans taking reservatrol very trial because certainly not from drinking glass of wine but From supplementing just because it seemed as though like the doses required to get some really beneficial effects. It's at least in some of the rodent studies seem sort of you know high and it wasn't didn't seem very attainable. But as you know this there was a really really Sort of compelling primate study in Rhesus Rhesus monkeys forgot that was published she was like made to thousands or doesn't doesn't eleven or something refer to cubs group at NIH. Yes that's right They they gave these rhesus monkeys Repair trial and I think they start. Start out with the lower dose like eighty milligrams per kilogram went up to like four hundred and eight any reason. Do you know why they start with. I've seen more than one study to that. Yeah so just anecdotally. What roughly told me I think is that They started at the low dose and didn't see a change in pulse. Wave Velocity in the blood vessels. So they up to. And then that's what I sorta benefit. Oh Okay so well this study was you know the the doses were very doable in humans when you convert And and basically they you know feeding these these monkeys feeding Mike this terrible high high gross diet high sucrose on high fat and they like the cause them to have like forty percent increased. Eric Orrick stiffness but the spiritual completely ameliorated so I was like holy crap. That's pretty cool. I think that was the one one study. That sort of changed my view And then I started sort of get into the literature and read morons there has been a variety of clinical studies. Is You know and yeah well well. I'm glad somebody's reading the literature because there was there was a hate me club with resveratrol Because it got so much attention at anything that gets a lot of attention gets the hate me club back in reverse but virtual I still take virtual Probably a Graham also every man really. Yeah in my yogurt. I don't measure it out I just just shake it in so it might be half a gram to grants from your own late stash. It's like us in the basement. it is I'm not they don't really find doses of resveratrol above two hundred fifty milligram. Yes right you made a good point. which is it's it's a really Insoluble molecule and. That's one of the well the two problems with virtual. What is it really insoluble? So if you give it as a dry powder to an animal or humanists less likely to get absorbed we know that as a fact included with a bit of fat it'll go up five to ten fold in the bloodstream. Really big effect. We've seen in mice and monkeys with bit fat in the Diet as well. I'm in the second problem with virtual is that it's light sensitive. And so those people who researches who put it in a plate with worms terms or Didn't treat molecule with respect. He Goes Brown. It goes off. It's one of the reasons. It's very hard to put in a cosmetic because medical turn brown if you use Brownnoser virtual at work you've got to keep it in the dock in the cold and it'll be fine okay so so Debasement cold dark mark and also. I think there's various forms Trans resveratrol. I go for trends because when we gave this form to this or to an enzyme it didn't activate it but the Trans worked brilliantly. Yeah roughly Kaba actually He's been a good friend. Over the years colleague he did the study with else on the mouse. Whereas virtual study that showed that on a high-fat diet those mice for extremely healthy and long lived and their organs? When they opened up the mice there were pristine? The mice was still obese. Because we didn't give him a lot of virtual is pretty low dose but their organs were so beautiful Their arteries when you stain them for oil fat it was night and day. The ones on reservatrol will the ones without reversal staying with fatty lumps reversal. Clean Clean and that alone makes me say you know revert. trolls probably not GonNa hurt me and It may very well help cut. INVESCO system seems to be really important for cardiovascular the vascular system like and I'm just kind of want to know why why is it we we have a number of ideas and virtual is a dirty molecule. So there's not just one way it works works So to definitely involved we now have announced that's mutant for the rest virtual activation of one. So we now see that some some aspects like endurance convertibles seemed to be through certain so one of the effects is through sort was anti inflammatory actions in the lining of of the blood vessels. The into the'll cells. How yeah that seems to be important?.

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