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A lot of folks taken on the bears and let's start with the man making the decisions himself. Chicago Bears head coach met Maggie Now One of the interesting things fits about the team is that of course, there are differing desires at many different levels. There is a GM and Ryan pace. Who, by the way, it would probably be pretty happy if Mitch went and did great somewhere else, and Justin Fields did great here, and he could say I was right about both of them. It must have been the coaching. But Ryan peace and Matt Nagy are trying to hang on to their jobs. Many people thought they were out after last year, they eked into the playoffs. We all remember Mitchell Robiskie, the Nickelodeon player of the game. Unfortunately, that didn't result in the wind for the Bears in the playoffs. Nagy and Pace are back. Their timeline is very short. Potential timeline for Justin Fields is very long. And so for Nagy, he set out right. I'm more interested in the success of fields long term and this team long term, then right away protecting my job. Andy Dalton is our starter. He doubled down on this Saturday. The stock of Andy for us is going to be something for us is seeing what he does during the season. You know that. That's how we got. We got to be able to see. What can Andy do during the season with this team, and with these guys that has been our plan this whole entire time. I truly understand the want to for people to want to see more Justin and all that. I get that, But we also understand where we're at. And how with the true plan is, and all we can do is ask Justin to keep playing, and he's doing it and to keep playing and next key point. Alright if it's good taker hot take that They got to see Dalton in the regular season. Yeah, I don't get the hot take like I'm not.

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