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Earlier. Why? Why does the city tow cars? Why is the winter parking ban in effect even when there is no snow. Not a stuff like to be found, but it's still in effect. It's been that way for years and years. My question was why What do you think is the answer, and we're awarding a retro WGN shirt to the person with the best answer. Alan Boyle may not have the best answer. Maybe he does. He's with Black Club Chicago, and he's been covering the winter parking band that went into effect December 1st every year, Colin. It's a sad reality. 232 people woke up and then they couldn't find their car this morning, right? Yeah, That's unfortunate reality that you know, we've been stricken with every year here in Chicago, the lifelong Chicago and I feel for the people here that I was interacting with this morning at the pound. Yeah, I wanna ask you about this before. I forget. I got to say congrats to you because you're with black Club Chicago. Now, as you're on staff there, and I know you've been checking in with us since you're at northwestern months ago. Andre kind of working there part time or something, but congrats on the new gig. Thank you so much. I couldn't I couldn't do without. You know, the beautiful city behind me in front of me as well? Obviously, Chicago and, yeah, I just finished up at the Indy star. Did the fellowship there and I'm so thankful to be back home in Chicago. Now serving our city full time with Block Club. Chicago's A photographer and a reporter. So yeah, it's awesome Touch going forward. Yeah, I hope so, too. You've done some great work, and your photography is amazing. I know you said. You learn from your mom and your grandma, So it's really It's just called the legacy there. But okay back to the printer parking man you've been interviewing interviewing folks overnight and It wasn't a movie, Dude, Where's my car? I seem to remember that it was what it was like. Where's my car? But that was a different situation. This is that was not the city towing them. In this case, they wake up and what did they say? You talked to him and they just said, Jeez, I forgot what that imagine. That's it. Yeah. Yeah. So I was out at the pound this morning in Humboldt Park, and I talked to a few folks there It was just a matter of you know, people are like, Oh, you know, I forgot that today as if they were looking back yesterday. They thought that they forgot that tomorrow as in today would be December. 1st like, Oh, it's Till November and people lost track of time I talked to one gentleman who just came up with a 16 hour work shift that he was pooped and then woke up six hours later without a car. And in the car had his phone charger so he didn't have a phone to work with. Talkto. Hello, Lovely woman from as water who Mister flights. You go take care of her daughter in law, who is battling ovarian cancer because she didn't have any parking on her street in Edgewater said she parked in divine last night, though. It's the unfortunate reality that we're we face every year. But you know, this really comes at a tough time. You know where everyone's just makes so much more than people even just in the past. Now that we're facing the pandemic and you know financial instability, I talked to one woman. And she said. You know, there goes a week's worth of groceries, and it really puts into perspective that you know, every year. This has always been the case. And I believe that you re reported the seventies after the big blizzard and worse, Chicagoans. We know how bad winter gets. When we barely saw a snowflake er to twinkle from the sky yesterday. People kind of dismissed. People probably dismiss the fact that Oh, yeah, There's still this Annual parking ban. Yeah, That's the thing And you you really put in perspective there. These are these are not cheap mistakes. And if you forget about it's $150 towing fee $60 ticket on top of that in the storage fees 25 bucks per day. On DSA. Oh, you were over at the pound or wherever it is where they pick him up. Is that Is that where you were stationed? Yeah. So I spoke over to Humboldt Park. It's like Sacramento 7 700 blocking with Sacramento and yet, so they were just people already cued up. You know, waiting to socially best and go into the office one at a time, that a good routine there, But again, it was a little chilly out. Karen people were shivering. Upset. Obviously, I never talked with you gentlemen who both have their work vehicles towed. So they were kind of, you know, not only out of the day or out of the morning. They're also out of a little bit of work, which The unfortunate reality that they were facing today. It's 311 you have to call, right by the way if you ever get a cartel and they tell you in the city And they all have a really apparent I was told one lady I spoke with because I have a pretty good website as well to navigate. If you're trying to find where your car is, well, that's at least good. Well, hopefully all the talk about it is going to prevent others from doing it. This just talk to police officer. He said that to 32 seems low compared to other years, but Maybe That's just because there are more spaces. Businesses are closed. There aren't as many, um there are as many people in certain certain neighborhoods, at least that taking up two spaces. I just, you know, it's still a lot of folks having to pay that. Right, Right? Yeah. Right, Colin? What? So what are you looking forward to doing? A black club Chicago Now that you're there, everything right? I mean, you're just you're incredible. Your photography is amazing. So what would I came on the radio talk about my reporting. Not about me. But I'm just I'm just I'm so excited. Be back here and helping serve our city. You know, it's Beautiful place. I spent basically all my 22 years of life here. There take a few months and you know, every day I'm learning every day. I'm living here and I'm just so excited to get back to serving. Great city and working long, incredible journalist like yourself and the block blood team. And yes, I'm I'm open for anything. My assignment. My bead is anywhere and anything in Chicago. Just anything I can help tell stories of our people. Well, you got a great attitude and I our eyes are on you because I think you're one of the rising stars and thank you for checking in,.

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