Three Month discussed on Cults



The throat eight times in the back and one time in each breast the cult members stabbed tony fifty times in the chest and bludgeoned him they repeatedly stabbed the details three month old baby emanuel with a wooden stake the cult members then stuffed the bodies of the couple and their baby and a supply closet it was one of the most brutal murders in quebec's history but these horrific murders on september thirtieth or just the beginning in the days following the murders joseph and luke prepared their followers for what they called a final transit the most devout solar temple members believed that their bodies on earth weren't real they were convinced that their real bodies existed as solar energy on the star sirius joseph and luke persuaded these fanatical members that they needed to kill their earthly bodies so they could travel or transition across the universe and be reborn as solar energy in other words transit was the colts euphemism for suicide but not all of the remaining members knew about the mass suicide plants joseph and luke explained to their most trusted followers that these less advanced members would not be willing to kill themselves and they needed to be helped through the transition process joseph and luke didn't just want to instigate a mass suicide they were willing to massacre their own unsuspecting followers the i transit or kill themselves were the news after hiding the twas bodies in their closet on september thirtieth they spent the next several days cleaning up the crime scene on october fourth they set the condominium on fire and perished in the flames hours later on october fifth at one in the morning swiss police received reports of a fire at a farmhouse in the village of cherie upon entering the farmhouse barn swiss police found improvised explosives connected to bags of gasoline thankfully the bombs hadn't gone off yet they also found the body of a man named alberto giacobino he had a plastic bag over his head which made it seem like he had killed himself but the man had actually died of a gunshot wound to the head police looked for elber does gun but they couldn't find it anywhere near his body if elbert oh had killed himself but with the gun nowhere to be found police began to suspect that albert oh had been murdered the police crew nervous wondering what else they might find they searched the farmhouse and found a hidden room behind a fake wall in the hidden room police discovered a second hidden room and in the second room police found the bodies of eighteen solar temple members the bodies were arranged in a circle with their feet touching and their heads pointed out word when seen from above the bodies were clearly arranged to look like a star some experts believed that the star shaped pattern of the bodies was a reference to serious this would make sense since members believed they would travel immediately to serious after they died beyond this hidden room police found two more hidden rooms and four more bodies all in all twenty three solar temple members were dead twenty of the members had been shot in the head this appeared to be a mass murder suicide just a few hours later police learned that three vacation homes run fire and gronk yourselves on in southern switzerland after they put out the fires police discovered twenty five bodies these corpses had also been arranged in the same mysterious star pattern initially police suspected that lucan joseph had killed all the top members of the cult and faked their own deaths so they could go on the run with the colts remaining money it seemed like a plausible theory miss specially given how manipulative joseph and luke were but by tober fifteenth police had identified the bodies of luke cherie and joseph dimambro joseph's children elliott emmanuel were also among the dead even though they were dead luke.

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