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Choose treatment and choose change. California find the right treatment option for you would choose change. CIA, DOD Warg traffic on the tens, every 10 minutes mornings and afternoons. Dana has news 93.1 kfbk We'll see. Increasing clouds tonight with a passing shower or two late tonight will reach a low 43 to 47 tomorrow. Mostly cloudy cooler couple of showers will reach a high 52 to 56. Saturday. A few clouds then sunshine Saturday. We'll see high 56 to 60. I'm Maggie Weathers. Drew Shannon at news 93.1 kfbk. Yeah, that kind of spring like weather is going away was to Hillary anyway, right? It's still January. All right. 55, Eldorado Hills, 57, Granite Bay and 59 in GALT. Let's get some business and money news going. Kelly Brothers is our case became one guy and certified financial planner. All the handles associated with the White House at POTUS that flotus out White House All that handed over to the Biden camp yesterday, however, they weren't happy. Why weren't they happy? Well, because Twitter Zeroed them out. They kind of removed everyone who had followed them. Unlike four years ago, when President Trump took over, he got all of the Obama Twitter feed or everyone who had subscribed to Obama or followed Obama. But not this time. Joe Biden starting from scratch, but of course, adding on millions per day, I'm sure for the first few weeks of his presidency, let's check the final numbers in the market today as we got new record highs barely for the S and P And for the NASDAQ, but the Dow was down. 12 31 1 76. NASDAQ Up 73 13 5 30 the S and P up one point gold flat at 18 66 Announce..

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