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Century Italy to find out what tooth care looked like then let's do it okay so I'm going to quote from the trust you love which is a famous collection of treatises on women's health from medieval Italy translated this is a translation by professor monic H. green and there are several entries in the Trotula about what to do about problems with the teeth first of all here's one for black tee off to a good start quote for black and badly colored teeth take walnut shells well cleaned of their interior rind which is green and we rode the teeth three times a day and when they have been well rubbed we wash the mouth with warm wine and with salt mixed in if desired do you swallow the wine I would think not not with the salt thrown in there but you know this said this reminds me of the episodes that we've recorded for stuff to blow your mind where he talked about the history of well cocktails but also things that were sort of like cocktails at least involved alcohol being mixed with other substances and very often those were magic potions or some sort of medicinal mixture that was supposed to aid you in very often they did involve wine or some other alcohol it is striking how many of the treatments of the past involved alcoholic beverages it almost makes you think that the like in some cases the alcoholic beverage may have been a sort of consolation prize for the fact that the treatment does not generally work or if it had some kind of placebo effect the placebo effect might have been linked to the fact that the alcohol gets you a little bit drunk yes and and I I can't think about the the salt aspect of this without thinking of about some of the salt water treatments have been employed in the past where you're sincere you're you are just drinking salt water maybe salt water mixed with honey or milk or something but but just drinking a bunch of salt water to drink your some ailment yes some of the ancients actually thought that that could heal you of problems yeah and the not so ancient said I recall correctly here's another one this is also from the Trotula this one sounds more like this is for rich people I think quote for whitening black teeth in strengthening corroded or rotting gums and for a bad smelling mouth this works the best take some each of cinnamon clove spikenard mastic frankincense grain wormwood crab foot date pets and olives hello I'm not sure I know what crap that is I see crab put is a plant okay looking it up there appears to be a plan that at least in the modern world there is some kind of plant the maybe a parasitic plant that grows on the tea tree or something that it some modern people at on the internet I've seen refer to his crab foot but as to this medieval reference I don't know if it refers to the same thing or something else or to just crabs feet I would hope they would say foot of crappy who were legal or an actual footage of crap yeah are we get all these together what we do well you grow XO to resume the quote grind all of these and reduce them to a powder then read the affected places like why is in order to make black teeth white take ten grams of roasted pumice tender Ms of salt to drams each of cinnamon and cloves and honey as needed makes the promised in Seoul with a sufficient amount of honey then place them on a plane dish upon the coals until they burn and reduce the other spices to a powder and when there is need read the teeth well that and sound all that bad well yeah they put in honey in there while I was like wait a second you're brushing your teeth with honey that's sounds counterproductive well I think one possibility here and and I believe I read this in reference to the ancient Egyptians is that if you were to use honey in your toothpaste would help hold everything together because if because we would all these ingredients like it sounds like it's coming together as a powder and certainly powders were employed but the difference between a powder and paste is kind of the the addition of some sort of viscous substance right right now for a few other recipes for ancient toothpastes which again various paste washes tooth picks were used throughout Eurasia we have the ancient Egyptian evidence well as pointed out by a twenty sixteen National Geographic article a fourth century CE recipe and I believe this was a this was in an Egyptian RSP called for paste made from salt peppermint and dried iris flower dentist Hines Newman actually try this out in the two thousand three and reported that it made his mouth feel clean and fresh though it also made his gums bleed through still he said that this was probably this probably would've been an improvement over some of the the soap toothpaste that were used prior to World War two soap toothpaste yeah basically it's just a a reminder and we'll get into this that's your group for progress here that moment that really toothpaste as we know it the dental dental hygiene products as we know it are really a post World War two phenomena like that is really where we enter the more less modern age of of dental hygiene fourteenth and fifteenth century England J. Tuesday's made from honey salt rice flour meal and the honey as I mentioned earlier this held it all together and give it flavor also from the from the time period yet to powder made from the burnt branches of a broom plant to mixed with burnt all on bland student a black ashy substance that had a likely just horrid taste but maybe that's where you know the black and teeth of post apocalyptic societies come from okay yeah for some reason this is the only the the only thing they know to go back to the skip all the other dental hygiene products they just go back to this action mixture we're out of gasoline time to get out the black and dalam I know I mentioned the book clean earlier and she includes the some interesting material on the eighteenth century Paris in clean Smith writes that you kind of had a perfect storm of bad teeth at the time because you had the existing problems of dental hygiene again sort of the problems of civilization compounded by poverty and increased access to sugar is sticky fruits and sweetmeats bad debt traditional teeth cleaning made math is just couldn't contend with you couldn't just scraper wipe your mouth clean with sticks in cloth like one might have been able to for than in previous ages innocently these these methods that we had that were you know pretty good we're certainly just ineffective on top of that you had a lot of additional damage done by course in badly ground powders ashes in white or so the house the the the very products are being rolled out to help with dental hygiene or also contributing to some of the problems worn enamel in your teeth and gums end up resulting from these products and teeth could also be destroyed by over use of cleansing sticks in irons that were used to you know to to to get in there and slow scraping clean but toward the end of the century as she notes increased understanding and vastly improve brushes and pace we're beginning to make an impact Robert this is this is giving me vibes from like marathon man yes is it safe well over use of cleansing sticks and irons and sounds like it is not safe we do not recommend the use of irons no one of the common features you're seeing in many of these ancient toothpaste into his powder recipes is that there is the the there's a common need for some kind of abrasive powder something that would be also useful in say scrubbing a pot clean or something like that you know sometimes they might use sold to like rocks older than might use standard Asher something like that we've seen references to power is that would that used ox hooves or that years something like egg shells which roof about sums really awful or as we mentioned several times earlier promise you could look the Greeks and Romans who occasionally used a crush bone oyster shells the powder charcoal and dark in the room is also added flavoring to assist with with bad breath so many terrible stories of the ancient Roman period involved oyster shells yeah I think about like the murder of Hypatia at that that supposedly they like killed her with oyster shells hi like a bunch of them are just just like one really sharp on well this might not be a historical an actor I might just be the legend of the story is that Hypatia was killed by a mob who like scraped her to death with oyster shells just horrible yeah well I guess that'll get the get the job done that the Chinese are said to of had a wide variety of two faced overtime which included the use of ginseng herbal Manson salt in this makes sense given the idea that the the the robust nature of Chinese traditional medicine before eighteen fifty most toothpaste we're not pace they were powders they were again some sort of powdery substance to you would you would put in your mouth and kind of rubbing your teeth in your your gums to clean things up the New Mexico by all parties ID's.

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