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That gap by placing former military, medics and communities improving access for the health of America. The Blue Cross Blue shield association association of independent locally operated. Bluecross blueshield companies. Motors, finance it. You already know eastern automotive group has thousands of the highest quality vehicles from, you know, every vehicle has been rigorously inspected, and it's backed by seven day return policy, but have you seen how Easterns continues to step it up in our community. They pay it forward on FOX five DC and find a road to a better community on CBS ninety. So you can feel good about the company doing business with visit eastern dot com slash community today to nominate someone in our community or check out what they're doing. That's eastern dot com slash community. For all your vehicle care you need experience. Honesty, and integrity, certified female friendly met Curry's craftsman, although care, rockstar technicians. You can trust at craftsman auto care dot com. Telam Randy Linden since you, and you want the fertilizer that he recommends again, it's valuable independent nurseries garden centers and ace hardware stores throughout Houston. Everyone knows ever Reisen is America's best network. But if you're fifty five or older, you'll be happy to know, you can save on limited on the best network with this exclusive offer right now save up to fifty dollars a month. When you switch to go unlimited on Verizon when you switch. You can get one line for sixty dollars a month or two lines for just eighty dollars a month. When rolling auto pay and with unlimited on the best network. It's never been easier to video chat with family stream, your favorite movies and shows and get work done on the go. So if you're fifty five or older don't miss the special offer sign up today and get up to fifty dollars off. Go and limited on the nations. Most reliable network for rising. Visit us in store or online at W dot com slash fifty five plus plus taxes and fees auto pay paper billing require applies to account holder fifty five and older on. Texas, Illinois, Missouri, Detroit, Michigan billing address in times of congestion, you data may be temporarily slower than other traffic mobile hotspot tethering reduced speeds up to six hundred kilobytes per second investigator speeds, so let's hear your idea for the new ad, okay. Visualize this we start off with the camera zooming in on the Houston, paddock odors, logo as the way. We get an aerial shot showing three industrial buildings on sits with eighteen wheelers getting loaded ways, I'm not sure you get much better. You have clips of large Dr gates kids moving in and out of our oversight of I don't think you understand case, Houston, paddock odors, capabilities of a fine FBI on the idea of pipes and fittings anyways. All this is going on the website scrolling the bottom of the screen Houston powder. Coders dot com. You don't make it really pop Houston patter, tutors dot com than after all this. We surprise everyone by sewing that we can awful handle smaller residential outdoor patio furniture. Let them see that we can do all of the work in house. The final thought is thirty team members standing together and say where Houston proun- where Houston strong where Houston..

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