White Supremacy Committee, The New York Times, Somalia discussed on Mark Levin


Commit most of the world's extremist violence. White supremacists. Last week. The New York Times this is from city journal says Barron. Featured an illustrated timeline of white extremists killings of the last nine years with lines demonstrating citation and affiliation. Among the killers cone into the times the record shows than formal global network of white extremists whose violent acts are currying with greater frequency in the west. Now, this is the city journal the idea the white supremacist violence is a growing global threat has gained more currency recently. Notably. In the wake of the ghastly Christ Church. Mosque massacre when avowed white nationalist murdered fifty Muslims near congresswoman Alexandria, customer Cortez, for instance, asserted that white supremacists. Committed the largest number of extremist killings in two thousand seventeen no one will deny that racial hatred is an evil ideology, and that people who kill in the name of white supremacy committee. But are the New York Times in a cost Cortes, correct? The white extremists are increasingly sewing worldwide mayhem. The evidence suggests otherwise even a superficial glance at the record indicates that of the nearly twenty thousand people killed in thousands of extremists killings in two thousand seventeen white supremacists were responsible for very few. The worst terrorist event 2017, according to the State Department was the explosion of a truck bomb outside the safari hotel Mogadishu Somalia which killed more than five hundred and eighty people. This violent act is believed to have been the work of Al Shabaab, which was responsible for ninety seven percent of the three hundred seventy instances of extremist killings in Somalia 2017, accounting for fourteen hundred deaths mostly civilian. The remaining violent acts. There were.

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