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A man suspected of killing his girlfriend and then abducting their two year old son in Lake Elsinore is ended. The man's been arrested in Las Vegas. The little boy was found just fine and has been reunited with his family right now, let's say good morning to CNBC's Jane Wells. Time for our business buzz. And, of course, you can follow Jane on social Media at Jane Wells or check out her bulletin page. At jane wells dot bulletin dot com which I did last night. Jane, by the way, the picture of you next to your latest piece, Dumb and Dumber is fantastic. Oh, thank you. Yes, that's when I did a zombie apocalypse story. In Las Vegas. There's this place you can go and you can pay and you are trained by some former special forces guys to fight zombies. It's It's quite an event, and I was way in over my head. Fortunately, the zombies did not win. It was it was close. Well, I could tell that you were a little concerned about, uh, you know the the rest of your life. I should say in this picture, but anyway, it's great if you guys haven't checked out Jane's bulletin stuff. You need to do it again. It's jane wells dot bulletin dot com. Such a Thank you everything from WalMart to be easy in there. You got a little bit everything going Thank you. Yeah, It's fun. I'm having fun doing it. It's a place where I can write about the things that they won't let me do on CNBC. That's good. Alright. Only freaking Jeff Bezoza could have a contracts canceled on him. And still, this guy makes money. And well, so the Pentagon camps starting over with its big cloud computing contract. It's been a huge mess trying to do it has everything. Everything being bid by the Defense Department, which only goes to one winner always gets contested now, so it originally gave his cloud computing contract worth about $10 Billion.10 billion dollars to Microsoft. Amazon sued for a few reasons, including saying that then President Trump didn't want Jeff Bezoza company to get because Jeff Bezoza on the Washington Post anyhow, the Pentagon said, alright, we're starting over. We're going to probably pick more than one vendor to do it, which The theory is, this is probably better for cloud computing because in case you get hacked, you have other vendors. Although it does open you have two more security issues. Perhaps, um, and so because of that Microsoft losing that contract and the whole thing's starting over Amazon stock went up over 4% yesterday. Which means the richest man in the world in just one day. Added $8.5 billion to his fortune, and it now talks. This is after he's been divorced after he's been divorced. Okay. He is now worth $211 billion, so every time that his money goes up, does his ex wife's money go up to? I have to ask. How does that work? No, I believe they're now complete. I mean, when Amazon stock goes up, she probably still owns a lot of Amazon stock. So in that sense, yes, but But I believe other than that Their fortunes are now completely separate. So he's not paying her alimony and she's not. He's no longer the CEO he stepped down is that it means still obviously big, you know, on the board and all that. But I love how now there was a story I heard yesterday about Jeff Bezos. And they said, You know, now he's officially stepped down and from Amazon, and now he can fulfill his childhood dream of what was it Something like riding his own spaceship into space or something like that, And I thought only this guy the rest of us dreamed that kind of stuff when we're little kids, and we end up in radio, But this guy dreams it and, oh, he's going to go to space in a couple of weeks. He is on July 20th he's taking. He's going to be on the first passenger, Uh, crude ship. I mean, uh, with the shepherd, his of the new Shepard spacecraft from blue origin, They're going to go up to the edge of the atmosphere out of East Texas and going with him. This is my favorite story as a woman named Wally Funk. I didn't even know this the NASA astronaut program in the sixties while they were preparing men, the Mercury program. They were also preparing 13 women interesting number 13 women who've never, you know, got off the ground, but Wally Funk was the youngest of that group. She's now in her eighties. She's spent a lifetime in aviation has almost 20,000 flight hours, which is a lot And she is going up with Jeff Bezos on the 20th and and couldn't be more excited. So I do like that. But you know, you have to give this is a guy. Who? You know, l r monster as much as I am obsessed with him, and he dreams big, But all of his dreams have been initially financed by subsidies. You know, NASA gave SpaceX 1.6 billion. You know, Tesla has had all kinds of stuff. Jeff Bezels built Amazon from zero with his Own gumption built it to be, you know, a worth over a trillion dollars and stock market value. I mean, it's just what he has done. On his own. It's breathtaking, so I guess he doesn't make your dumb and dumber list. No. He makes my smart and smarter list. Yes, very big. And I wouldn't mind being his ex His ex wife. She's doing just fine. Oh, my gosh. Yes. Me to put me on the list. All right? What are these rumors about Amazon going to Camarillo? Don't know. Uh, it sounds like no for now, So if you this has been all the kerfuffle out here in the end the V. C in the Ventura County, Amazon has two large fulfillment centers there either up and running or there. I don't know right in camera, and they're not far from the airport in the airport's only for general aviation. I think along no Oxnard used to have commercial. What's everything? Calvario has had them. They're not. They're not rated for commercial. And there are these rumors that Amazon wants to start flying. You know, 7, 67 and 7 30 sevens cargo into the airport to go to these fulfillment centers and people are freaking out about the noise and the flight clap path. And the airport is owned by the county in the airport, saying told the camera acorn. No, this is not these are rumors are not true. There's been no discussions with Amazon about planes. Amazon also told the acorn these are just rumors didn't say they were false rumors. But the airport says if Amazon did want the airport rules would have to change and there'd be a lot of public input. Um So that's not happening, at least not yet. But it would kind of make sense. Jennifer, it really would, And I always hesitate when they say No, No, these are just rumors. It's not true. But if it were to happen, I'm like MM, even thinking about it. They've already got this plan in place. Well, or they So the acorn did a freedom of Information Act to get all the emails between the airport and Amazon and got 60 emails and none of them mention using the airport for plane. So take that for what it's worth. All right. All right, Jeanne, when you send me a story followed by something in all caps, this is when I go. Oh, this is going to be good. So the headline is. Hospitals often charge uninsured people, the highest prices. So this is over the people who walk in with an insurance card. I think I always thought, Okay. If you paid cash, you'll get a little bit of a break and they'll stick it to the insurer, not the case. Not at all. In January, hospitals had to start revealing what they're charging. The Wall Street Journal did a deep dive to find out what who's paying what and they found as a headline says Cash patients or uninsured patients are usually charged. The highest prices. Now some hospitals will give you financial aid, but you have to ask for it, and a lot of people don't know. So my own experience. This is what makes me nuts is because, as the journal found Charges between hospitals are all over the map. And after the journal last some of the hospitals why is this so much? The list price sticks came down. Interestingly enough. So I have two stories one a little one. I once went to my dermatologist. And I said, Hey, what if I pinion cast today? You have no overhead? No billing. This will be done right now. He said. I'd have to charge you more than using insurance.

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