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Airliner. No, no, no, You can't do that. It's covert 19. Unless, of course, you're an elected public official. And that is fine. Then it's fine. Go out to that restaurant. Partly cloudy, rain high 45 Today tonight rain. On it off. So that means a little rain for Monday night Football at Paul Brown Stadium Low of 31 tomorrow Tuesday partly cloudy 45 Christmases just looking cold at this point 25 for the high 25 for the high In Christmas Day, so we'll say, I don't know. We'll see. Monday night Football now has the Bangles 14 Point underdogs. 14 point underdogs. The Steelers tonight, Zach Tender. I could really use a win. Really use a win. And it seems to me that one of the things that he ought to be looking for Is running the football. They're going to run the football the night. You know they're going to run the football tonight. I mean, even Christian Covington, who is Probably going to start along. The defensive line tonight knows that they're going to run the foot. Everybody knows they're going to run the football tonight. Anyway, Here's what Covington was saying about this game tonight earlier in the week, it's frustrating. No, it says there's a saying that you hate you. You need to hate losing more than you love winning. And that's really been the case this year. Nobody with the town but this team has with the youth of this team has with the energy that this you see, you know, on both sides of the ball with certain with you know these guys and these certain playmakers that we have I could tell you right here right now that you know we didn't. This is not a team that that should be only you know to to 10 and one That's not the case, So obviously it's frustrating, but I mean, this is football. It is what it is. You have to just he'll have to. You have to be a professional. Day in day out week in week out so obviously hasn't gone away. But you know our approach them change. Our mentality doesn't change because we already know that we're not gonna no one cares at the end. No one no one really. No one's gonna feel bad for us. We should. We should have to feel bad for us. All we have to do is fight, fight, fight, Prepare, Prepare, Prepare, be the pros that we know that we are, and we already know it because you're going to get this three game starts that we have right now, starting on for this dealer's going down to Houston, obviously finishing with Baltimore. They're not going to just roll over and we know and we don't expect them to weigh. Don't expect them to feel sorry for us. That's Christian Covington. Tonight's game, of course, can be heard here on 700 wlw also ESPN 15 30. And the Bangles are what they are. We know it. Danske. Just kind of outlined all of that. And in the last 15 or 20 minutes. I mean, we know what they are. We know what they lack. We know what they've got to do to get better. I mean, they're great uncertainty is going into This. This coming offseason, one of which is surrounding the coach and other is surrounding players like AJ Green and Uncertainty surrounding Gino Atkins. Gino Atkins is done for the year. This is a team that seems to be It's searching for an identity and I've got you know they got job girl. But we all know what happened with Borough I expect tonight. That even without but Dupri Who is out injured for the rest of the season. I expect Ryan Finley To be absolutely harassed tonight. I think this is going to be one of those games where the Steelers just bring it. They've lost two in a row. They're gonna bring it anyway. They have lost two in a row. And sure they'll give up some big splash plays, and Tyler Boyd always plays well against Pittsburgh. But the fact of the matter is is that this is a game that of Pittsburgh really, and truly wants to be the number one seed, which Is an ever Fading hope for them at this point, they've got to win this game tonight. Cincinnati just needs a win. I mean, we'll take anything doesn't matter. We'll take a win. But I think that's how this thing is going to transpire. Tonight. We shall see as the day progresses. You know if your mood is not right if you just feel down if you don't you know it's the holidays..

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