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On the patriot mobile newsmaker line our good friend congressman Jim Jordan, a congressman saw you on newsmax the other night. And you were weighing in on the J 6 panel and you said they've been caught in 8 different lives. What are those lies? Well, they lied about Bernie Carrick's travels. They lied about very loud on the colleague of mine. They lied about the tour he gave to constituents. They lied about Jenna Ellis documents. They lied about Eric hershman, White House lawyer, the light about the note written Cathy Hudgens that she wrote it and there was a person said, no, no, I actually wrote that note. They lied about the Secret Service. We've had Secret Service come forward and say that what she testified to was not accurate. And they lied about me twice, they lied about a text message I had forwarded to The White House chief of staff. They said it was from me, a member of Congress when it wasn't. I had forwarded to him from a respected lawyer former inspector general for Don rumsfeld. And then they also took a video quickly where I was on Fox News talking and I was on Maria bartiromo show and the video clip started off with me saying January 6th is the ultimate data significance in a presidential contest. What they left off was the sentence right before that where I said the late justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg said that January 6th is the ultimate date of significance in a presidential context because that's when you actually approve the electors. And that changes the entire context of that statement. So we saw that and then, of course, maybe the most important was when Zoe lofgren I remember the committee said, we don't corroborate witnesses testimony. And they didn't ask pat cipollone when he was deposed if what Cassie Hutchinson said about him was true. And his lawyer reported afterwards that if he had been asked to say it wasn't. So that's 8 different false things we've gotten from this committee. And Todd, we don't get to see the evidence. We don't get to sitting on the depositions. We don't get access to the transcripts of the video, the documents they have. We don't get any chance across examine. And so imagine how many other lives they've told the American people if we've caught him in 8 with that limited amount of ebb and we get to see. It's really jaw dropping to see to see this play out and they think the American people are dumb enough to buy this. I don't think they are. And first of all, not a lot of people are watching this. But when you've got The Washington Post out, what day before yesterday, Washington Post came out and said, well, the feds are investigating Trump and connection to a criminal probe. Hinting that he may be the focus without actually saying if he is or is not. But what I find fascinating is you had the committee say, there were no criminal charges coming out or recommendations coming out of the committee, but the FBI director is the attorney general is now saying, Merrick Garland, well, there may be some things there. It seems to me they're just hell bent on trying to find something to pin on Trump. Well, they've been that way, as you know, and you've talked about this and you've explained it so well. They've been that way since they first spied on president Trump's campaign 5 years ago. 6 years ago, 2020 15 and 16. So during the last campaign. So that's always been their focus. It continues to be. But the bottom line is, this is frightening. And this is third world banana republic kind of stuff if you're going after a former head of state like they're doing here based on, I mean, I've seen professor turley on GB and interviews talking about the he sees no basis for this. So for goodness sake, but this is unfortunately today's left, which controls the Biden administration, which controls the Justice Department and the political bend that they have. All right, congressman, we're going to leave it there. Good Intel appreciate it. And thank you for coming on the show. You bet. Thank you Todd. Take care. All right, Jim Jordan, everybody. Congressman out of Ohio. I know that congressman said this was a leadership issue. I don't think this is leadership. I think you got to chair the whole thing down. Dismantle the whole thing and start over again. What say you, ladies and gentlemen, based on what you now know, that this is the same FBI, the same FBI that spied on the Trump campaign, the same FBI that colluded with the Obama administration to try and sabotage the Trump campaign and then his presidency, the same FBI that came up with the fake Russian dossier with the whole golden showers in the whatnot. This is the same FBI that conspired and created a plan to kidnap the governor of Michigan and then pin it on a bunch of yahoos. This is the same FBI that was clearly involved in some form of planning and execution of whatever happened on January the 6th and no one, no one dares asked the FBI how many of their agents were boots on the ground on that day in our nation's capital. This is the same FBI. That's going after moms and dads who dared to ask questions of their local school board about critical race theory and gender radical gender sex and education policies. This is the same FBI now that's padding their numbers when it comes to domestic extremist cases. So I ask you, do you believe the FBI can be salvaged or is it time to completely dismantle the FBI and start from scratch? 8 four four 747 88 68 that's our toll free telephone number that's 8 four four. 747 88 68. Can I tell you about my good buddy dick Morris? He's got a great book out and you need to read this book. 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And if you ride it, make sure you do it in a Dodge charger, challenger, or Durango. Because on this highway, the lines being blurred are the ones between drivers. And demons, welcome to highway 93, Dodge is a registered trademark. All right, welcome back, hey, by the way, next week. I'll be in Dallas, Texas. I'll be on the main stage at cpac for an entire hour. I'm going to be hosting a number of a great special guest. They said, starring, how do you feel like being Johnny Carson? And I'm like, well, all right, yeah, heck, yeah. Do I get like an Ed McMahon? I don't think so, but they're like, don't push it. But I'll be interviewing a number of people, including the governor of Oklahoma, talking about a lot of the big culture issues for an entire hour on Friday afternoon, so love for you to drop by and say hello, shake your hand and meet you at cpac, president Trump is going to be their Sarah Palin. Sort of a who's who of conservatives there in Dallas, Texas at cpac. Let's go to the phones here, 8 four four 747 88 68 North Carolina are great affiliate. Steven on the line. Steven, what's going on? How are you doing? I'm well, thank you. Thank you very much. Yeah, no, what I told grace was definitely being born and raised in these areas. I've been able to see a lot of the influx that you originally talking about and one of the ones, I'm a big screen fan and crispy cream donut. This is what you're talking about. That's right, that's right. And so the talent town board here more I'd like to dig in so I thought they did anyway to try to get something like that pass for zone and but never did as far as I know. I could be wrong. But it was a wonder. Now we've got 7 Dunkin Donuts in this small little town. What? And all within about a 5 mile radius of each other, so pretty much lack of McDonald's. They're on every corner around here. Is that right because Krispy Kreme used to own the southern states. Well, the town right up from the stalls, they have one and I stopped there quite often and I look for the big hot nails signed, but Dunkin Donuts, I'm sorry. They're just so good. I'm sure a lot of people will not like what I just said about that, but original care, Krispy Kreme has got the best donuts. Now, local donuts is called a daylight donuts, shout out to them, great donuts for a local bakery, but when it comes to a production donut, Krispy kremes is the best. We may have to open this up to a debate, Stephen. I'm with you, a grace baker is very upset and she's throwing something at me through the glass grace is you're a Duncan fan. Got it messed up. No, no, no, no. Oh, you like Krispy Kreme? I like Krispy Kreme. I take it back. Donuts. They have good drinks, but their donuts are awful. They're dry. You see? I'm with you. They are dry and crusty. Yeah, you know. Much like congressman Steve Cohen. Oh yeah, well that was a globe. That's true. A lot of powdery donuts is what they have. I can't handle that. Yeah, we're going to open this up to the we're going to open this up to the people, Stephen. Krispy Kreme or Dunkin Donuts, ladies and gentlemen, 8 four four 747 88 68. Steven, I want to give a shout out to the best donut place in America. It's called Gibson's donuts. Here in Memphis, Tennessee, and they make the best donuts in the country. One of my favorites, so is something called a bacon. It's a bacon, maple donut. And they actually put big old chunks of bacon in that thing. You can't go wrong if you've got bacon on a donut. I mean, that's breakfast on a donut right there. All right, 844-747-8868. What were we talking about with, I thought we were, oh, we were talking about Yankees moving in. That's what it was. And they tried to shut down. I didn't get the full story. We hung up on the poor guy. So wait a second. So they were zoning for a new Krispy Kreme. And I guess they kept voting the libs kept voting it down. And then next thing you know, they got just Dunkin Donuts and no crispy corn. All right, you got it. The phones are lighting up here, grace. So let's go to Scott Conway Arkansas wants to talk about the donuts. All right, Scott. Todd, how you doing, my friend? I'm well Scott. Man, I talked to you a lot, but hey, I grew up and I live in common way Arkansas, of course. And we have a Krispy Kreme. I grew up in North Carolina. Called thomasville, North Carolina. Krispy Kreme is by far the best donut in the world. Nobody can compare. Dunkin Donuts has good coffee. That's it. That's all I got to say, brother. Scott, you're a man of few words, but important words to thank you, Scott says Krispy Kreme, Alan North Carolina, the talk station out on the coast. All right, Allen, what say you? Well, we don't have a Krispy Kreme near us here in Cedar point, North Carolina. But the cities who do have them, they've got a nice large menu of donuts where I'm right down the road from a Dunkin donut, and I went through there twice, I know I spent 20 minutes in line the second time, and they hit four donuts to choose from. For a donut store. That's just so much. That's not right. And nothing that I got was memorable. And not the biscuits, not the donuts..

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