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But like when we have people come in and are super interesting I appreciate that award. In season with imprisoned he was a good one episode antagonists. So you're right here and then here. Toft lake is super clutch because catches a whisper. That they're gonna like get taken over or something. The fire nation officers like okay. This isn't right Something's wrong here. We're going to sink the ship now. Let's say that the fire nation officer was wrong. What's the punishment for sinking your own ship. Because like they don't know for a fact that this is a commandeered ship. They're not going to be able to confirm that. Yes i mean. Hypothetically if they were wrong older punishment might be death in the fire nation. They don't seem to take military failures lightly so they might have been getting obliterated by zulu or something like lightning bolted on the spot if they were wrong. Yeah exactly like it does seem it does seem like a pretty high stakes thing to do like. I'm not sure. I would take the risk and sink a ship but hey good for that guy. I mean he was right ultimately so he was right but he just got lucky like he did not know that he was right. So that's that's like someone someone was like Like this admiral chan. Persson was like a busy for the past two months. Like that's why they like. See the stories lie. But then like i don't know if this ship could have gotten instructions from like three months ago like you don't know yet. No you're you're absolutely right. I don't have too much. Say because you're just spitting facts right now just like the bottle water debate zach. Vote waterbed now. I do agree with you. I mean bottled water. Once it's out of the ball. Let's not bottled in my opinion..

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