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Leading ministries and businesses and west. I have a funny, Tom winner story for him. I love it. I was on a plane coming back from Denver on Sunday, who on the plane with me since the Tom winter storm going, Tom winters. Right. And you're the why didn't say hi, Tom winters. Why? Because I have so many leads, and so many people that want me to work with him that I not feeling the need to network all the time. And I know that he's in the same category and he looked like he was engaged in a conversation and was having peace, and I didn't want to interrupt him when I was first. Starting DJ connection. If I would've seen Tom winters, I would have been like, here's my card. I went to work with you. I mean, every single person could have been a process they didn't. I didn't have enough leads, right, but now I'm gonna time my life where I have more leads and I can deal with and it's kind of more of like, what's the best fit? Can you talk to me about talk to us about why winters and king has been so consistent with your advertising and really the role Tom winters plays for you guys kind of your rainmaker. I mean, because he brings in some pretty deals. I'm not sure he's doing Denver, but I'm sure he was bringing yet another big. No, I think has done there. John veer. But yeah, I mean, it's Tom every organization needs that personality. That is an outgoing. Person that enjoys going out there and making those relationships. And that's Tom winters for us. I mean, he he enjoys in some even the daisy. Don't enjoy. You get up and put a smile on your face anyway, but he's the one that goes out there and he's having lunch is he's playing golf, he's he's doing good work at the same time, but he's constantly looking for opportunities to make new connections even when at times we wonder, well, that's great, Tom, but who's gonna actually do this work? You know those times on you're busy and you have to reject that notion of, we don't need any more work right now because you can always grow and like doctors e said earlier, you find yourself with laws. We have nothing to do, but you still have payroll going out and rent going out and expenses going out. And those laws come back to bite you very quickly. Can you share with me as an attorney? Why it's so important for you to have an abundance of leads because you work with some of the top brands? Yes. But if you did. Didn't have an abundance of leads. What kind of companies would you probably have to work with by default when you don't have enough leads to.

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