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Next week. It's anybody's guess who the quarterback is going to be Pittsburgh Cleveland today. Thirty three to eighteen the final. Ben Rothlisberger moves up to seventh all time for most retouched down passes passing. Fran tarkenton threw two of them today. James Cotter, another huge day. Twenty four carries one hundred forty six yards. Two touchdowns is they'd be Cleveland by that thirty three to eighteen score. That by the way is fifteen straight at home against the Browns for the Steelers or four two and one Browns lose for the twenty fifth straight time on the road. That's one loss shy of the most in NFL history. Detroit back in two thousand ten set that record may Baker Mayfield through a couple of touchdowns. But also an interception. Cleveland is to five and one Chicago beat the jets today. Twenty four to ten the final in that one. It was Mitchell Trubisky with long touchdown pass to re Colin through for two scores in all on the day. The bears improved to four and three. On the season. Isaiah Crowell after big day. Couple of weeks back. Thirteen carries today. Twenty five yards against the bears defense who played without Khalil Mack. New York is foreign Ford about the Indianapolis Colts. And what they were able to do in the fourth quarter today playing in Oakland. Andrew luck company. Put up twenty one unanswered points. They beat Oakland today by a forty two to twenty eight final Andrew luck. Three more touchdown passes on the day today and Marlin MAC twenty-five carries one hundred thirty two yards. That's a career high and he had two touchdowns and hats off by the way to Adam venit. Terry who passed Morten Andersen for the most points in NFL history now with two thousand five hundred and fifty MB by the way at three and five sneaky team after a bye week getting ready for the second half of their season. Derek carr. Pretty good day today. Threw.

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