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What's also fascinating about your journey is just how public you've been about everything starting a blog blogging, everyday, documenting your own inner struggles and growing the business obviously attracts fans, but also detract some haters and people who may not like your viewpoint. What do you use mentally to overcome some of the negativity that comes with leading such a public life? Yeah. Says a great question. You know, I'm kind of a weirdo and not I do really appreciate trolls from the perspective of I always get to learn. So at the beginning, I really I would get trolls are haters or comments on YouTube, videos and stuff like that. You guys know who it is. And I would really take him on. And it would really like hurt my feelings, and it would take me days, and maybe even a week till I kind of get over it and process it because I think that it hit the insecurity that may be all ready had. So if I had any insecurities of I'm a fraud or I'm feeling like an impostor or I'm not good enough to do this. If you have a, hey. Or or even someone who, you know, personally, kind of disagree with you publicly it feels really almost threatening. And you kinda take it on an until I had enough reps to see that my methods actually were working and that they have some confidence in what I was teaching. I really did take it on it took me a long time. And now when I get blowback sometimes, it's really, I don't know. I'm kind of like, okay. I didn't realize I was coming off that way. And so it has helped me get better at clarifying my message, and so I don't necessarily agree with it or have to take it on. But I do see it as an opportunity to get clear, and my communication of the thing. I'm trying to teach. And so I don't know. I mean for me, it's good practice, and I actually personally love debate. So I'm like cool. Let's actually have a conversation. I think it's rare to be able to have a conversation on social media. But I enjoy it. Yeah. It's usually just yelling. Yeah. I mean, and also when you think about it. It's really not that scary. It's like someone on they're just not as a person on keyboard somewhere else in the world. You know? So when you think of it that way, it kind of dissipates the the the anxiety of it or like the threat of. It. It's it's funny because I feel like a lot of us are first instinct is to just ignore it entirely. Yeah. Thank lessons to beginning from the feedback. We're getting and not all of them have to be tearing you down. They could be constructive. And ways of thinking, oh, I need to change my presentation, or oh, I didn't think of that viewpoint. I hadn't brought that into my consideration. One of the things. That's interesting sorry to cut off. It's like, you know, especially when you talk about you guys probably get this too when you talk personal development. Sometimes you're not thinking about, you know, you're not thinking about like mental health necessarily. So sometimes people go, well, it's under you know, I understand that you everyone has personal choice, and that's important. You can choose your attitude. You can choose your actions. But when you're dealing with mental illness like you don't always have a choice..

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