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Up in money news. Can you name D.C.'s oldest restaurant? I'm Jeff label. It's 6 18. Back to Joe Conway in the WTO traffic center, starting off in Maryland again, 95 southbound between 32 and two 16 effect right before you get to two 16, the vehicle fire is out. It's along the left side of the roadway Curtis tweeting us some pictures safely from his passenger seat, saying that two left lanes are still blocked with firing rescue on the scene. You're jammed from before 32 trying to go south of 95 stick with it and stay to the right. Over on the Baltimore Washington Parkway southbound, your jammed at the capitol bellway, no incidents currently reported blocking the roadway there, and that's really the only issue we've got on the Baltimore Parkway of note. Ballet moving mostly wealthy prince Jordan Montgomery county, some pockets of slow, beltway, Virginia, likewise moving well, no reports of any major issues, 95 south you'll slow out of lords and most of the way toward dumfries along the way a crash near the academy on the left shoulder than a stall near dumfries near a Quantico is on the right shoulder after that the pace picks up the easy pass lanes or north on 95 and three 95, three 95 northbound the ramp tour route one 8 C is blocked for the road race that also shuts down southbound one ten between I 66 and army navy drive plenty of other streets closed throughout Pentagon city where this 5 K race that's currently underway and the police are doing their best to handle some of the traffic direction. If you're on three 95 south coming out of the district doesn't sound like you're going to be able to get into crystal city easily, you may have to find an alternate route to get over to route one as a result of some of the road closures there as well. In the district now reports of any major issues, D.C. two 95 north and slows briefly in your Pennsylvania avenue should be mostly volume. We are brought to you by the I 66 express lanes prepare to be moved out the new express lanes toll free between route 29 Gainesville and route 28th interval for a limited time, learn how to use them at ride 66 express dot com. I'm Joe Conway WTO traffic. Let's get a look at our forecast expecting rain tonight. Temperatures are headed down into the upper 60s to around 70° as we head through the overnight hours. Showers are likely to move in

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