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When the world famous YouTube star MrBeast's head to the hustler casino live stream, you know the they are going to be fireworks. And the table with them. It's Phil helmet, who is known primarily for his poker antics and every once in a while it's poker accomplishments. All of MrBeast's 95 million subscribers. Are excited to see him get in there and battle and put in the very casual $25,000 straddle. Blind without looking at his cars. This is a $25,600 straddle for MrBeast. He's had enough. This is going to be somewhere in the neighborhood of a $300,000 flip. I've waited all game for this moment. Let's see, if in this hand, MrBeast can beast. The very popular test screener, Alexandra botez. Both guys are going to break the game. Strap in. This is a wild one. I haven't looked at my cards yet. So if I struggled with you? Yeah. So what would mine be? Sorry, I looked after I put mine in them. That's right. Who cares? Sorry. 25 6 if you want to shuttle. All right, I'll show you. All right, what is the biggest straddle have you ever played against at the table in terms of big blinds? Let me know. In the comments section down below. I've hit the point of not caring anymore. What do you want to do? I'm not going to blind all in. 50. I don't have 25 cents. You have to. Blind all in. Do you think I blindfold? I don't think. Do it for the memes. Do what it means. It's a good clip. I think it's amazing. You line on you win this watch? Look at the pot. This is a $25,600 straddle for MrBeast. He's had enough. I'm so glad I didn't do it ninja. I'm so glad I didn't do it. It's going to go like 9 months. Is it me? Oh yeah, I'll follow up on that. You straddle 25. I'm all in. About 55,000. And this is something I expected maybe the first hand. But about an hour and 30 minutes into our broadcast. Once is great. The problem is we struggled 7 times. And then he makes it unfunny. One more content. Yes. Why? Because he wants to buy that. The pot of this, you don't know what you're saying. You are only. You know what? You owe me a boat test, so I don't mind if you call. If you were. What about taking advantage of our stupidity? I'm so happy to say that. What about it? Why would you all in? What do you mean? He's not gonna call 26,000. 20 K family pot, all right? Wait, how much do you have? About 50 pounds. Wow. I believe the term is. Kebab ordering time. Alex, you have tank with ace 9. We can see she's got Phil beat. So it's like half an hour. There's a call. Are you trying to do the chips? Ellen is H three, by the way, does he call gamble? With Phil helmets, two big blind stack, he opts to go all in, which is fine. I realized that ace 8 is not a great hand by any means, but with a two big blind effective stack, you have to get it in there. Yeah, you're going to get called basically every time, but you're going to be a little bit ahead on average, and for that reason, you just got to pop your money in. Now, over around Alexander, she has a tough spot because while she's in great shape against helmets, two big blind all in range, which won't be any two cards by any means, but it's going to be like okay hands, many of which she's going to dominate. She has to worry about the players yet to act. And in the scenario, helmet has two big blinds with some of the players you have to act to have more like three and a half big blinds. I know it doesn't sound like a lot, but it kind of is. And whenever we are playing for a large chunk of money, I mean, you got to remember, we're putting $50,000 in or perhaps more, you probably want to have a little bit something to something decent to call off in this spot. That said, I do think ace 9 is good enough. And in this scenario, I think I would have gone all in instead of just called because when you just call that may induce some players get to act to put in 50 to see the flop. And then just try to realize their equity. I think you'd rather shove and get them to fold out, stuff like Queen 7 suited or whatnot, right? Like you don't really want those hands in the pot. But it's not that big of a deal. Alexandra makes a call and I definitely think that is a good, strong, reasonable option. Let's see what else happens. To get them all, but you can get some. Wait. I have to call. 50,500. Do you know yet? About 50 minutes. Okay, so another 56. 56 hill. This pot is a $152,700. Oh my God. And add another. 55,000 to it. How much do you have? I'll let you go. And now we get an all in over the top. So let me get 56. I'm all in. Okay. Take it off. This is going to be somewhere in the neighborhood of a $300,000 flip. I guess? You think I would make sure I don't want to do it. So if you all in and what do you have? We could have like a 200 K pot. It's definitely already, yeah. Oh, really? Let's fucking go. It's 252,000 and growing two 77. I've waited all fucking game for this moment, okay? Good news for MrBeast. He has live cards. Bad news. He's behind. I just want to know what it is. Okay. At least 25,000. Can we color those up, please? I don't know why I was handed them. 22. Noise at this point. Bro, this is color, you know? I feel like one of them is going to call it and this is going to be a fucking funny money going on here at hustle casino live just insanity. 25,000. This is going to be a handful. Let's go, let's get everyone in. You know what? I love you. 25,500. 25 calories. I don't think I tried to throw it in the slot today. Ricochet. 25 5. 5 more hundred. Oh, you're in. There we go. Are you enjoying that? Is this four way? Yeah. Yeah. 45 miles. You can see the equities running pretty close. I mean, Alex is the favorite with ace 9. That's 80, 80, 80, two 50. 339,000 in there. 25 5, right? Yeah. So this is three. Over 300 K now in the pot. Alexander calls 25 to 5. Looks like 339,000 now in the pot. You didn't want to just add it all. Put it in. I did. I did, I put it all in the mix. Okay, so this one. And now it's all up to magic. Our dealer. One of the 8 cameras. Will white magic strike? Will it be Phil helmet fans? All right, can't do anything. Once or twice, once or twice. Wait, twice. I want twice..

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