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How doers get more done. I freaking love that thing to watch it like 20 times. God, if you haven't seen it, getting tired of Longoria and I did a video honoring Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski. Yes, it's on all my social media platforms at market. Mm, A. R K A. R. Um sherries and Griffin, Georgia. Sherry talked to me about a company that's got a monopoly. Well, actually, Mark I'm calling about. I'm going to add to Jacob's story about calling your parents again. Thank you up from school. The boy who cried wolf, Okay? Oh, yeah, I got a real true story. So when I first started and working in a high school, we actually had a parent that we had a student. It was doing that. The parent brought a giant bottle of cod liver oil school and then told us next time when she came to check out, she first had to drink it. I have never had the displeasure of cod, liver oil or castor oil or those two different things. Oh, yes. Oh, both. Disgusting. I would imagine. Very disgusting. I only know he came to the office to do it. And, of course, when I offered it to her key, huffed and left, I'm fine. I'm fine. I'll actually know about those from the Little rascals show. Like every time they were sick. The kids had to take the castor oil or the college Royal. Yeah, I made it 47 years and I've never had either. So that's good news. I like that. I like that. So I think that's a legitimate thing we can do. The boy who cried Wolf. The girl that cried sick. I guess it would be called Peggy's up next in the market of show. Hey, Peggy. Hey. How are you? I'm great. How are you? Excellent. What's on your mind? Well, I want to tell you about Twizzlers. I think they have a monopoly. Will chill. Let's go to our resident candy expert Low T. Chuck, You're a big you like those those weird candy's love to his list. Yes. So I guess the whole appeal this. The second in command would be the red vine. I guess. Red vine is that he also ran, But no, no, no. I agree with you 100% Twizzlers. I mean, I don't enjoy them. It's just not my. It's not my bag, baby, but.

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