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I'm glad you said because i wanted to say i i wanted to say earlier today and i told him to going to do with just sitting there and i don't have a lot 'cause i always like a dare somebody touch my shit today do just sitting i might go back in there and see if this guy fucking around people should you had a feeling i know i know he was up in consolo came back in like twenty minutes later he's finally start going into locker fucking on like locker right now been he'd been every twenty minutes on a log and and i never say you an paranoid i having i am a jumpy mother if people call me i don't give a fuck i'm sorry it is what it is is based off i guess my natural anxiety but also should have been doing my life you know what i'm saying i watch the news i see motherfuckers running up on people blowing shit note i'm saying these people who aren't nervous like all you say every knocked out don't because on i say fuck it too comfortable i don't wear tangles girl fuck is wrong with outta here stupid because you got the fight that's what i'm saying run told outside of here i'm running away from them to clap clap i should get beat up for wearing rainbow all want us to do honestly same world we looking at us they don't see these videos where do women the knockout game yes all i need to see that was once every time i walk down the street every person i look like this.

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