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Morning till ten week days on the voice of the New York seventy in W. O. R. station we got seventy three degrees at three o'clock that afternoon I'm Jeff McKinney president trump says he's convinced that China wants to make a trade deal says the Chinese vice chairman told him that the trump speaking today in France at the close of the G. seven the vice chairman of China came out that he wants to see a deal made he wants it to be made under calm conditions user ward com I agree with them on that and John is taking a very hard hit over the last number of months and from today saying he thinks his derail golf club in Miami might be an ideal place to hold next year's street seven some army once seen pleading not guilty today to a new indictment and his trial is being delayed until next year a trial delay being granted after New York prosecutors indicted Harvey Weinstein on to new predatory sex charges to reportedly lay the groundwork for testimony by sopranos actress Annabel is your who claims ones being raped her in nineteen ninety three he can't be charged for that because the alleged incident dates back before New York eliminated statute of limitations for rape cases why scene free on one million dollars bail denying all sex assault charges the new trial set for January general Sony W. O. R. news alleged prostitute under arrest facing charges in connection with the death of a New York City Sheth officials say forty one year old Angelina but rainy told investigators that she'd given thirty three year old Andreas amp or only liquid ecstasy in that he never woke up after he passed out Samper only was head chef at chip Brianti dolce Grand Central Terminal two people killed in Stamford Connecticut this morning with an out of control car slammed into a utility pole fidelity's have been identified as men in their late teens to other people were critically injured happen at the intersection of canal and Henry street in Stamford Newark will be speeding up the process of replacing lead pipes in order to solve the city's drinking water problem Essex County executive Joe Deven chains says the county's Caroline New York a hundred and twenty million dollars this will allow them to ramp up the program and reduce the time it to change every place to twenty four to thirty months instead of a decade Mirage Brocka says crews will replace roughly eighteen thousand lead service lines on people's properties now originally the homeowner was on the hook for part of the cost but now with this new money we're anticipating that no one would have to pay anything meanwhile bottled water continues to be handed out as testing continues on lead filters to determine if they're working I'm Scott Pringle EE Ortiz and more than a million dollars will be spent to repair the Montauk lighthouse in nearly two year one point one million dollar project will repair cracks and refinish the more than two hundred year old structure and during the process the lighthouses iconic red and white stripes will be missed she is married and want to book your fabricator hello Jeff by the way northeast corner trade between your pen in New York Penn will be overcrowded.

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