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Ecstatic to just get a taste of Kenny Pickett and what he can bring in Pittsburgh because he played it pit. He was already there. They've already been a fan of his. So I don't know how long he'll sit on the bench, but this guy's a competitor. I think it worked perfectly for them. And I'm excited to see how it unfolds. All right, Kenny Pickett, of course, the only quarterback drafted in last night's first round. That leaves some quarterbacks that were bad at about in terms of where they might land, possibly in the first round. We're talking about Malik Willis, Matt corral, Sam Howell, Carson strong, some of these guys. Where do you think those dominoes start to fall tonight? Yeah, that's going to be exciting to watch because and that's what I'm so excited to see. Because think about the good quarterbacks that have gotten picked in the second round. You think want to pray the all time greats, especially pray the top pick in the second round Drew Brees. We look at Andy don't had a good career. Derek Carr, look what he's doing. So let's not sleep on just because these guys think it picked in the first round, they still have a good opportunity. And it's going to be exciting to see what happens because now I do feel like teams, there's not as much pressure. You know, if you draft a guy in the first round, that's your future, that's what you're hanging your hat on. Now if you drastic down the second round, third round, there's a little less pressure on the guy. And I think when we look at this second round tonight and how it unfolds, when it gets to Seattle, it takes 40. What's going to happen there? They have two picks in a row. Visit land, I try to jump them and get one of these young quarterbacks. And don't be surprised like Washington, Detroit. You know, who gets in the mix, do the saints get in the mix, knowing look, we didn't think Malik Willis would slide to the second round. Let's go get them. So there's going to be a lot of excitement, especially how we saw the first round unfold with all the different trades and so forth. I'm looking forward to that again tonight. And another one to keep an eye on, how long's Baker Mayfield going to be hanging on in Cleveland? You know, do the browns find a way and find a trade partner that happens tonight. I mean, that'd be exciting to see if that does come to play, but I think for Desmond Ritter, Matt corral, two guys that I like. I really like Matt corral to be honest, right? I don't know how much you had a chance to watch him, but I felt like good intermediate wise as far as short game, but then when you kind of when he's pushing the ball downfield, go Ralph's post routes. I felt like he was a little inaccurate those times. Desmond wrote a big, strong guy, straight line speed. I worry about inconsistency accuracy wise with him. But two good players. You know, they can develop. And of course, Malik Willis, we talked about him a little bit. I think him just as athleticism is big arm. I think he can develop. And so that's kind of intriguing to me. And then Sam Howell, let's not forget what he's done out of and see. He lost a lot of teammates last year to the draft to the NFL. But he has the physical tools. He's not the biggest dude. I felt like he was inconsistent. The combine a little bit when you and I were on the show, but so I'm excited to see kind of how this unfortunate tonight into the third round. The wide receiver position has just exploded. The market for it in free agency and trade value. It's become the second most percentage used by cap of teams in the NFL. And what I witnessed last night is, once again, a team that's feels like they're near or at the top of what they're doing, the Tennessee Titans move off a wide receiver instead of paying him a $100 million, but going and getting one in the first round and having 5 years of contract and making $15 million over the next four years in comparison to what you pay the individual like AJ Brown in one year of $25 million. What do you think about this in the market for the wide receiver position and how it's exploded? I know. I mean, you're so right, right? Because Tennessee is like, you know what? We'll go with the young guy. We'll trade AJ Brown away. I came out of last night and I was talking about it on NFL radio today. The biggest winner of round one was probably Jalen hurts. You think about it, Jalen hurts is sitting back probably maybe watching the draft a little bit and he just sees they acquired AJ Brown. I mean, automatically that offense just got that much better. Jalen hurts just got that much better. So to me, I was excited for the eagles moves and what they did. That was kind of cool to see. And then for the Titans, they draft trailer's big strong guy, good straight line speed, good contest, catch type of dude. Does he have a little debo Samuel in him? He's still not AJ Brown, though. And you talked about it, it's those big contracts receivers are getting now. So I think it does, it plays out for AJ Brown because a whole probably get the money he deserves. And plays out for Jalen hurts in the eagles and now Tennessee, they get a young guy that they have to develop. Now, I'm not sure Ryan Tannehill's all that throat about it. Because you're going to have to go through the growing pain and Tannehill, he can't go any through any more growing pains. So I thought that was intriguing. And also another one, Ryan, I thought was cool is the Lions. How about the Lions draft? You know, 8 in Hutchinson, they get a hometown kid, great demeanor, great player, all the production, the leadership he can bring on defense and not only that, what do they do? They make a move to trade up in the draft to go ahead and get one of the most dynamic game changing talent when he's healthy and Jameson Williams receiver out of Alabama. So I thought the Lions had a good night as well. Yeah, I agree. We're going to put our top 5 picks into who we thought had the best night of the draft here in a little bit, but if you were if you were Jacksonville at number one and you had everything in front of you, the Trayvon walker picked for me was a bit surprising, it shouldn't have been. Everybody was talking about it. But just in terms of what you could get at that spot in the expectations that exist, right? Are you surprised that ultimately that trip balki in that Jacksonville Jaguars team went with Trayvon walker rather than maybe more of a established player that is a flat out edge rusher? Right. No, I was. I mean, I get it and I understand it. Sometimes two through this process. You know, there's been a lot of shorts and T-shirt interviews and tests and all that. And you could get enamored by measurements. You could get enamored by those workouts. Let's not forget what do they do in shorter pads and a helmet. What did they do on Saturdays and Sunday? What do they do when you put on the gain film? And that's where 8 and Hutchinson has production is there. The guys at beast. Now, Trayvon walker, maybe the defense set to Jaguars run will allow him to really kind of excel because he is a physical freak. He can do it all. So they're kind of betting on that just with his stature and the way he can move and run and all that. It will be intriguing. To me though, of course, being a quarterback and being an offensive guy, I looked at it too, Ryan. I'm thinking, okay, Jacksonville just invested two first round picks and Trevor Lawrence and ETN last year. Why not protect those guys and go with an offensive tackle? Look what the Jaguars had done the last few years with years ago when they had a good defense. And they trade Jalen Ramsey away. What did that get them, right? So to me, it was kind of like I would have rather them see and have gone all in offensively with the young talent they have. But we'll see how this plays out. As long as and this was my biggest concern because yesterday you hear there is some inconsistencies in house. Some of the Jaguars for an office when this guide, the other people wanted this guy..

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