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Right i like that too all right i'll tell you about the castrol edge and then we'll carrying paul rodriguez castro tech advances that made engine smaller more powerful more effective the pressure's gone up in those engines man just live jains working super hard castrol edge collaborated with electronic arts to present an adrenalin filled driving challenge called titanium gamer inspired by the need for speed video games and you can find it's computer it's find out if the real computer the real driving versus a computer based driving skills are superior and find that castro usa youtube page and check that out all right we will take a break and then we'll come back with one of our favorite comedians paul rodriguez right after this corolla not talk oh bill material the reason the show is called not bell material is because i tempted to get a job at the taco bell in north hollywood that was by my house and they said thanks put note backs we're looking for a slightly higher caliber retard may seventeenth at cleveland's agora theatre and may team in detroit at the royal oak now i'm out on my own and moved onto the fast pace lucrative world of carpet cleaning where high school diploma will only slow you down people adam corolla not talk oh bell material get your tickets now that i'm corolla dot com this is fire fighter raphael poor reminding you that every day portion of every firehouse subs purchase goes through helping first response try the new grouping loaded hot pastrami sweet and tangy slaw melted swiss or limited time get a medium strawberry win for just six thirty nine firehouse subs joy more subs save more lives limited time offer participating locations firehouse subs donate a minimum of one million dollars two thousand eighteen firehouse subs public safety foundation by donating twenty percent of every purchase trump and north korea i'm ed donahue with an ap news minute president trump used these words to describe north korean leader kim jong un very open.

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