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Issue in terms of Sort of your rice craft in your experience full those younger drivers in making that step up into one so by the top you know. They're on the grid. They've already had a couple of days. A mock rice had a crack at they. Kind of know what what they giving themselves info and. I don't think that's a bad thing. This i and just is the sort of pull around. And and so. It's not just the you the same simul time old the whole time. If if there's if we're kind of emitting the sprint rice doesn't matter it's just the for entertainment. Why don't we just add a little bit more purpose to it and play a young kid. Some of the forty teams Sai what have we used to have. Dropped points rules which were annoying. And i didn't understand him but why not have a system whereby we've talked about this before having way way you've got especially now that we've got twenty three rice. We're talking about the counter and the second twenty three races a year. Why can't your drive is only do eighteen races let site and you've got to choose the minute vaunts. So you're gonna you're gonna put lewis. Hamilton silverton maxine netherlands and nina. Oh you're you be grace's it can be drivers probably yup. But that way you can sorta strategically plan where you want your best drivers and then the other essentially have to have a team of three drivers than in the other races. You've got probably you're young driver reserve driver whoever needs and not also because that also feels the gap idea. Some motor g may for example. Have a wild card rider. Back kind of feels that gap a little bit dozen. Why not institute away without having third cars. Which i think is more difficult more expensive certainly and without bringing new teams. Because it just doesn't seem to be any the only want to buy tames these. These are good wide wide. Not drive pool adds spice doesn't interest driving market as well because instead of trying to find seats for twenty drivers you've got to find them for essentially thirty drivers that could be the despise. Yes sir point but immediately you could think of like grown praise. Imagine being hungarian pray for example and Imagine if ob- mercedes. I've dropped lewis hamilton for this random and then bringing nick differ a little bit al d. e. v. Feel little bit gpd that bringing like okay. So you bringing. Everyone's just bringing the drivers for for this break. And we're paying an absolutely premium for the privilege the hosted so there's probably commercial reasons there. That's why the rices is a good way to sort of experiments with 'cause if it doesn't matter if it's really there for entertainment then that's fine just embrace it. I'm very pleased to interrupt this podcast for just a moment to tell you that today's episode has they have painful months now brought to you by our friends. At.

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