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I'm keeping domestic here. You guys are GonNa Laugh. You're gonNA think this is a terrible choice. Louisville Kentucky is my city who des. Okay okay come up before in names for potential expansion team and they used to have an ABA team way back in the day the Kentucky colonels. There's obviously a huge basketball community there with University of Louisville University Kentucky nearby so I I think that basketball community there they have an MBA sized arena. There they'll be probably I think the second biggest arena in the word and NBA Arena. You'd have a built in Fan Base. And you know it's actually travel for all of these teams around here. It's not as small as you're thinking bigger than Sacramento Atlanta Milwaukee Minneapolis and Lee. It might not be the most livable city. Though it was voted a large city category livable city in America by the US conference of mayors. Some when those mayors get together talk about the cities they liked but the important thing it was chosen as the manly est town in America magazine. Have you been to Louisville? Oh yeah I drive through. I stopped with from the highway. I really liked it my bed in my. I don't know thirty hours there. That's right. What a vote of confidence I drove. That's right you can drive to it another point for me all right keeping that you would bring it bring all right. Yeah they do love their basketball okay. Louisville is trace pick. I have the final and Fifth Picking City category while this is interesting had Vancouver on my list. Obviously task took that so you can scratch that one. I also had Montreal.

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