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Twenty. Before i started writing writing but i just decided that that's what i wanted to do so i I made made two years best best that could have it. And then Outgrew it and i went back to school and finished my school. I i actually went to purdue university and an wrestled through college and attained my degree in education and then i. I'd always known that. I want to get back in the business. While i was at school i had studied the game and where i wanted to be in And i decided that the you know my family has always broke babies and and done what i do on a small scale But i wanted to get get into back into the game and buy and sell and break babies and and that's That's where i'm at now well and it's amazing How many how many riders Had you had that that wrestling. We talked to tony black Every week ed told you wrestled. Jeremy rose famously A state champ Nick santa of was a top level. high school wrestler. It's it's pretty funny. If you can grapple can grapple guys your weight you can grapple with thousand found animals. Well that's a lot of body control and You know mentally you got to be mentally tough wrestling and Riding races you know the with the the dangers of what people don't take account for when the dirt sitting in face When.

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