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And we're talking about holiday tipping on the holiday tipping guide the usually see around this time of year and most of the jobs that they list for getting tips I I don't deal with them and I I I don't have a massage therapist you don't have live in help I don't have no help yet this is like elevator operators there still business buildings that have elevator operating there are some and I will there must be but maybe I'll go over some of those in a minute right now we're talking primarily about the people you do see the your garbage man your your mail man whatever you one eight hundred two eight three one a one point five Chris in cherry hill you're a New Jersey one one point on thanks guys for taking my call how are you okay our I am a school teacher and we love to chip our son's elementary school teacher we feel like school teachers you well we also ship our our mail man because we can leave the ship in the mail but we don't ship the garbage folks because we just have the automated garbage handler and we don't see the guys leave early in the morning if you saw him do you think you would if you saw him or if you like they had a relationship I think it I wore it but I don't think it would be more than like hi ten dollars maybe just a nice well yeah thank you maybe a gift card to Dunkin donuts but I feel like with the automated arm it doesn't exactly aren't enough so I feel Krista apparently some of these automated arms group require like a human being to hook up the arm to the can and if that's the case maybe but I don't think there are no and you know it now that I've not teaching elementary anymore and I'm a high school teacher you can definitely see a drop off on gifts and I feel like you know she's a to a lot of work so I'm still plugged in there for you don't forget then your gifts your I. school teachers more what do teachers like to get or it will be a gift cards okay Donna wa wa Starbucks you can't beat that you don't need another world's greatest teacher mug oh my god now and nothing no cancels hello little apple with the ball in the end it all right Chris thanks for your call I think my mom my wife usually make stuff for the teachers and for the bus drivers and things like that that I don't know if they're supposed to cash in on teachers public employees in the old school teachers aren't they the rats perspective starting I don't think so so yeah given given food.

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