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Pole sitter like winston kelly pointed out it wasn't an easy drive here today but now that he's out front dave he's there in commanded this kind of keeping kurt busch it at arms length to walk in the park right now to deal with cloud machine dan burton heart machine for martin drouin she's in turn number three swinging around the outside of clouded it was exiting turn straightaway look for a while like kurt busch might be closing in somewhat on martin drew acts but that's over hurts not gaining ground at all nor is our ryan blaney martin through acts with a one point two second lead four laps to go way up the bank two halford straight away erin hartwell she comes off the end of the backstretch not really for us to earnhardt another lap down instead most of the bagging four three laps to go perch alexis he brings the field just kurt busch he can see him in the rearview mirror but he's not close enough up by any stretch across the line and headed back to turn over one go to the outside of heart bypass him to put the number thirty three car another lab down he may not have to pass wrentham iraq off to and non in the company of anti land trapping you'll diamond into three won't use the bottom you'll go white metal the banking this team is racing with heavy hearts than they lost their fabricator jim watson died of a heart attack last night here in kansas speed wait he'd been with ralph fenway racing for many many years had been with furniture row for the last several years a big part of the organization all the teams saddened today as we are as well but i guarantee martin through acts will salute jim watson in victory lane if he makes it around another model mahathir well and he's already in turn number three we now often turn number four he is looking for the white flag it is the credit one bank wanted to go white flag in the air here in the hollywood casino four hundred of the kids a speedway setting sail for yet another victory in 2017 some of the curve before the green flag this afternoon we said we want to win one for wild man offshore number two all the.

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