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Problem solvers. Paul Ray, Saint Clair roofing. Fresh off talking to our PTSD expert about the young lady kidnapped over in Wisconsin and held for what was it? Forty forty five the exact number that we were talking a little girl. Yeah. Eight as yeah. Yeah. But anyway, so that's thank God that's over for her. But she's got a long road recon. We're talking. No question, Ben. And you think about administering as I like to say frontier Justice. Yes, now, this is a this is nothing that egregious as far as this goes with this is a perfect example of that. And this poor girl has lost her parents. So that's obviously not a proposition. Listen, uncle or some such comes forward. But this I love this story right here because you know, this guy. Yeah. So this is the headline the headline yesterday. I was like I said X NFL player tackles peeping, Tom who stared into his daughter's bedroom and looking in the story and turns out, so here's a story real quick. Florida peeping Tom was left baton-bruise after messing with a family of an accent NFL player. Tony Beckham who I played with you? We're in the same draft class with Tennessee titans. He played at Wisconsin stout. FCS schoolwork ever heard of it. But dude could fly and I mean fly the cornerback in thin guy funniest dude in the entire world. Right played. I think he might wanna play four seasons or something. But Tony Beckham my buddy. Told the news station. He was leaving for work on Monday when he heard a rumble in his bushes. He didn't. So a man crouched by the window with his hands in his pants. The man looked at his daughter who was news outside the window of his daughter's room, quote, I screamed, hey, what are you doing? Then he took off running Beckham former quarterback for the titans chase the man down. Tackled him to the ground. He didn't help them there until deputies Palm Beach. Share gone arrived Beckham said the event left his daughter Shamas is they're crying. They're scared. They all slept in the room with us. Last night. Jeffrey Cassidy forty-eight was taken to the regional medical center with fractures to his face and a mugshot shows with the black guy bus and limping cuts on his face. Cast has been charged lewd and live Alytus behavior in beheld on fifteen hundred dollars bond. Frontier justice. No. Wouldn't you do that? Yeah. Heartbeat in a heartbeat. But here's the censure and Willie brought this up because. To bottom feeding lawyers that he said, they said, this is your body's probably going to get you probably gonna get sued. He's going to the guys who come out and said that you know, that here's this big. She's not big. But here's this big former NFL player all standing up by the window. I stopped. I was walking. And this guy beats me up for no reason. And you know, that's going to be a story. He uses in court, and there won't be a video and dam. Sure. Might turn out to be the case that Tony gets. Okay. If you're standing out in the sidewalk in front of my house. All right. I get it. You're standing in the middle of my yard. I'm gonna ask you excuse me. Why are you standing in the middle of my yard? But if you're standing in the bushes next to my daughter's window, I'm going to beat down more you. Yes. Yeah. I know. But that's the cruel crazy world, we live in is that you know, any sane person. Big. Of course, you should beat the living hell out of this guy. And maybe that'll affect story gets out. The next kind of weirdo that tries to do that goes. Well, maybe I shouldn't do that. But you never know, man. Never know. I if that comes to a lawsuit I feel bad for this country because that's ridiculous. I I do too. I was trying to get Tony on the show. But I don't I don't think he more. So many words he can't because by the direction of the well, exactly what we're talking about in regards to a possible litigation. I mean, again, that's pathetic that this guy can't come forward and go here's what happened. Yeah. But I I guarantee he did say even if he did get in trouble each I'd do it again and damn straight in a heartbeat. Now did your dad ever do that? Because your dad, I know him very just a little bit. But he seems like if somebody would have done something remotely like that around your house. They would be was staring in my younger sister's room and pledging themselves to that. Yes. And he found them it would have been a bad bad day. My dad is a very very principle guy will be much better off if there were more people like him, and that would not have stood have you ever done something like that seven four nine seven thousand eight hundred the big one pound seven hundred on AT and T, and we're not talking like you got in a bar file or whatever. Right. So many mess with your family, and you caught them in the act and lit them up, right? Because I. I just can't imagine that. I I thought my wife is going to do that one time. And I couldn't believe this was happening. I forget where we were at and both of us. We were getting ready to leave and both of us. We're going to go to the restroom before we left us big event. Whatever the hell. And so I go in there. And as always took me less time than a woman to go to the restroom and this. I'm standing out there waiting for. And this woman walks up to me and goes, so I didn't know you had a girlfriend. I like who are you? Yeah. And she goes, Nah, I just you know, I just wanted to give you my phone number and as a what? And so she hands me the slip of paper with their phone number in it, and I going. Okay. Thanks. I didn't even know what to say to her and about that time, Deb comes Malkin horse and goes, what was that? I go. I don't know who the hell that woman is she just gave me your phone number, and man, I've never seen. My wife's the kindest gentlest person in the world. But it was like a cartoon like were the oh, God esteem cuts out of yours, and she starts immediately walking towards the chrome like on. Hey, hey throat. I'm I have no job throwing the number away. Let's just go lay down now. Come on. Let's move it along nothing to see. A messing with her man. Right A. Mike Cole Ray. What are you got man? Taking care of a situation. What you do? This is kind of little crazy. I move back to my parents house notebooks. Forty Beiber short spells. I got my old room back, and my younger sister was living room as she was sixteen years older than me and I got home late anyway. And then here's this guy to moped moped riding this thing around.

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