Rick, Nancy Pelosi, President Trump discussed on Sean Hannity


KSFO I let's say hi to ring North Carolina Rick hi how are you you've got those last minute twenty on this half hour what's up Sir bye bye privilege Tate I I just a couple quick points here can you imagine having Nancy Pelosi and in a higher position of leadership the portlet she just put in this thing I can't even imagine if he was president they hate that she has for her president trump has driven this woman insane and I I just can't even imagine if we had that leadership in in place and I just my concern is what we do if these these lips get their way well how do you pull that back how do you pull any of this back because there's a lot of government control right now which is understandable but honey you know you don't understand this and that's what the elections about two hundred nineteen days I mean you know it's a look I was saying before corona and I said it regularly yeah Donald Trump cured cancer gave every American in a five million dollars they want to impeach him for that and there's a certain let did there's nothing we can ever do that is going to convince those people that have to have to have staked out a position that is now based in St in deep psychosis of hatred and again you go to see the best in people the worst in people the fact that they let people that were in need wait another full week as they parked up that building by the way thanks to you in this audience whatever got taken out and it was significant was because of all of your calls it's it is beyond repulsive to me but yet predictable and it's not going to change and the only way to prevent what you're saying is do something about it your the ultimate jury in two hundred and eighteen days are quick break we'll come back wide open phones will take a lot of calls final half hour of the program Hannity tonight we will be at right in front of the navy hospital ship in New York nine Easter Paul Starr of I Love Lucy which has been running on TV for seven decades now we had a wonderful time doing that show from our family does she and her husband Jesse Arnett has created does he lose studios he was the first one ends out in major studio in Hollywood we salute Lucille Ball the First Lady and television comedy media San Francisco celebrates women's history month do.

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