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Politics is the category. With which for me to disseminate that. Okay lee could be. I just don't know that it is. Yeah well you you do say that. You collect bumper stickers. What would what do you think your campaign slogan would be if you were to run. Oh hell i. Don i mean like i said mandate i'll meet you in the middle of someone show. Someone sent me something the other night that said here's your campaign and make america alright. Alright alright again. I'm like out loving. Could work or or keep living. Isn't that that's kind of interesting evans. Too i mean that's really the umbrella living in. Leave me the hell alone. Well you know it's it's a mixed though. I mean delete the leave me the hell alone. Get it at the same time. We've got to recognize that we are a collective more so than we do now. True that does not mean. That doesn't mean trespassing on each others rights or or or or you know doesn't take away. I'm not talking about taking away individual freedoms but we do need something we do need to bind some social contracts with each other in whether they're even if they're unsaid we need a bit of an understanding constitution that if you and are hanging out and you and i shake hands on the deal i can i. I want to be able to trust the. You're not going to pick my pocket and screw me on the deal. Right looked at each other. I mean there's some certain things of decency and integrity and responsibility and accountability even risk taking sense of humor that we can. We need to re bind between us and understanding that that trust is so low right now known as who they trust man we just other trust ourselves. We don't believe in others. We don't have a consensus between a science or leadership. Who the hell do we listen to do. And what happens in then. We start really individual. Where i listen anybody. Then that's not a great recipe of everyone becomes so selfish that they don't give a damn about each other at all. Not at all not at all and i love what you're saying here about you know. Instead of finding tribes and politics race gender finding our tribe been in shared values. I think that's that's a pretty good message. There you know hell if you run. Oh i'll go reregister back in texas well again. It's been a lot of fun. The book is called green lights. Matthew makaay thanks man appreciate it enjoy it. Thanks again to matthew mcconaughey for coming on the show order..

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