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They say Anthony others cheat and then when they played music to dance when they drink a coca Cola with the polar bears also no it's like the ice planet hearth without the imperial while it's miserable they sold this these these living quarters and they're like if there's any air that gets in it's because the one though the wind is a hundred miles an hour and it's seventy below they opened the door after the night after an entire night in the entire living facility is filled with snow because it creeped in this little corner rain air crack and I was like no no no thank you and on these extremes for all the gear that they have up there the research scientist the vehicles after run twenty four seven you have to keep them gassed up because if you stop it it will not start again there are five levels of whether there and they have the weather man you have to tune in every single day and the guy says if they have a weather man it's not come on we'll look as though John Belk in Antarctica let me tell you dude because if you go there's five levels if you get past one one level one is you can go outside level two three four and five you can't go outside wow it's like why would anyone go here and then the sun doesn't come up for four straight months so you're it's a lake they call this nickname I gotta figure out which what it is they had a nickname for this thing that starts to happen where you don't know what day or year or what your name is after about two or three months because there's no sunlight and you're just doing the same thing over and over and over again you don't know you had conversations with people you had like two days ago thanks talking to Joe being Danny are a volleyball I'm kidding Joby and Danny yeah they're awesome do you know it I love you but if I do I just love miss.

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