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In strong, But you gotta play list going on over there. And, yeah, I think it's something you're not going to hear much of what I saw. But nuts. Yeah, we're not going Are you going to change your allegiance? Just a route on a college football team this year to be a Longhorn fan for the mutts When I go down, you know it is. I don't have enough money. But you know the tailgate up tailgate down there. Good. I kind of lever kind of leave early, went off the deal of the parking lot Traffic. My man. Jason's got a pool and a place to crash. If you ever want to come down most of the men to share a couch with Mack Brown to the stadium. That's way one family one. Look, I don't want Teo. You know, A lot of these big 10 presidents, I believe are our sincere, sincere when they say that they're worried about the health and safety of their players. And if you're pulling the plug Because you're you. You don't want guys to get Corona virus have permanent damage, breaking those Hang on, Make sure it's not a charity account. Still content just tweeted a photo and I think it says Texas UTEP 9 12 All right, then. 2020 nonconference schedule. Texas football Right September 12. Breaking news comes Williams Field 48. He can shave on September the 12th that Chris still conscious and I wait that long. Should I be in brother in arms with him over under 24,000 fans? Decay are in September the 12th. Ah, it is flying. So I'd say under 20. 25,000 are under you. 25,025% capacity. I'm going under the 24 they're going to be there gonna have no fans there, Vito? I don't know. Yeah, we'll find out the 15. I say. That's a 24,000. I think we'll find out the 15th. So, Yeah, the word I was basically talking about Ronnie say that there's some big 10 you know, athletic directors, presidents who maybe feel like they shot themselves in the foot. Look, if you're protecting the students, good for you, if you're worried about getting sued on, maybe maybe maybe you did make a mistake, But it is a I mean, does this part if the rest of the college football season goes on as planned, Is this a permanent sort of black eye doesn't recruit. Does a 17 year old kid look at Michigan, Ohio State, Oregon, a USC and be like those guys, Those guys pulled the plug on it, and then you know, stole a season from a bunch of kids think so You wouldn't they would negatively hold it against them or anything like that. I don't think that would know. Ohio State still going to be Ohio State, Michigan, Michigan, Penn State. Penn State, Minnesota, Minnesota. Those West Coast schools. Now I think it's this is it's gonna be a blip on the radar screen. I don't think there'll be any long term ramifications of this. It's so they don't really believe in football or you're out out out out out. All right. I don't know That's I think that's wishful thinking that I think that there's more to that. Do you really and just the optics and the stain and especially if they don't play period and just the opportunity of what is actually being presented during the time that they're being recruited. Is that people actually playing football. Joe Cook inside Texas is going to join us 5 15 So Amore Longhorn football Coming. Let's move to the MBA. Where last night Dame Lillard good at basketball..

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