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ABC news I'm Richard cancer Iowa's democratic caucuses Monday devolved into chaos party officials say technical issues forced them to delay issuing results no information coming from the Iowa Democratic Party after a series of technical snafus delayed and call into question the results of the Iowa caucuses now even Joe Biden's campaign saying they're not sure they can trust the numbers multiple campaigns are now declaring victory over partial sets of numbers and all of the campaigns are decamping to New Hampshire for the next round without knowing really anything of what happened in the first state ABC news political director recline I Democratic Party chair Troy price hoping to have numbers to report later Tuesday integrity of our process when the results have and always will be our top priority at this point the ID is mainly verifying all precinct results we expect to have numbers to a court later today president trump tonight makes his opening argument for re election is state of the union address to Congress aides say he will tout what he says is the greatest economy in American history his America first foreign policy changing immigration policy and the rest of it they won't tell us whether or not he will excoriate the Democrats sitting in front of him for failing to remove him from office through impeachment but he is Donald Trump so expect some excoriation ABC's Terry Moran in a regulatory filing aerospace giant Boeing devolved is cooperating with investigators from the justice department and securities exchange commission it's related to the Max series seven thirty seven seven thirty seven Max was grounded by regulators last year following the lion air and Ethiopian airlines crashes which killed three hundred forty six people it's taken Boeing longer than expected to fix the plane's flight control software which played a role in the crashes last week the Chicago based company reported its first annual loss in twenty years ABC's Derry all bigger you're listening to ABC news Kelly news time is three oh two a massive oil field fire is burning at this hour near county road thirty eight in weld county near plaid Phil here's chief Matt Kansi only with applied feel fire protection district yes so right now we're encountering flames the twenty thirty feet high still and so we've got to try to find and get that source so that we can get that extinguishment so that's the challenge right now whatever is feeling that is creating the mass of flames the chief says crews will be out much of this morning in the frigid conditions battling this fire Colorado won't wait for federal government to open up banking to the marijuana industry so says governor policy we're committed to creating a regulatory landscape here in Colorado with the cannabis industry has actually the same basic business services governor Paul is speaking yesterday more snow is on the way and gradually coming to an end today we'll be cold says fox thirty one she for your all to stay Frasier will have snow showers in the morning.

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