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Is just a pure oil which you could apply topically. Which I use is well, just topically enjoy some people like creams, but we don't mix it with anything such as pure O put a few drops on. Andi can also ingested under your tongue and helps reduce inflammation. Why d We really appreciate that? Yeah. And we hope it all works out. And also, I just want to make sure everybody knows. You know, Patty and Patty, Please correct me if I'm wrong, But you're not going to recommend CBD. You're not going to recommend medications. That's not your space, right? You're a physical therapist. You're not a physician. Right. So you know, right? I just want everybody to be clear about that. But but so good question. Physical therapy tend to be teaching people how to manage their pain with self stretching, right massage with exercise. That's a huge thing in arthritis. You have to keep the Jones no vile and you have to keep the muffle that control the joint. Wrong in order to attenuate for ground reaction force and little and the mechanisms and actions that a joint has the naturally function within right. So it's a great question you could help with for Whitey is since he's at a pharmacy when his feet all day and that's where he has arthritis pain. Eyes. There's something he can dio take a shoe off, roll a ball or something is their unease E thing. You can suggest it and it's a little different for each person, and that's why, you know, One of the things I love about where I work at my body is that we get an hour one on one with each and every one of our patients. Every session is good. You know, that's very rare in our field. Unfortunately, at this point, but that time is really allowing us to send looking at the person and giving a very individualized stand, because maybe for wedding on the floor. You can't take off issue in the middle of the workday, but maybe it before he goes into work. He does himself stretching and strengthening to the hip muscles to better lift the arch. Or perhaps he needs something in his shoe to better cushion and support the form of the foot to stand on. The floor all day. Maybe he can get one of those low dispersing gel mask under his workstation to make weight shift and load a little more comfortable instead of being so static. In his weight. I mean, there are things that could be done and talked about, but it's going to be very individual for him, especially if he's dealing, he said. With paint across multiple joints, the feet the knees, the back for the three that I think you mentioned, and so those three places might need my difference. Seing. Maybe he needs more strengthening for the hips. More stretching for the foot in the hand strength. It would really depend on how he presented and what we saw when we were evaluating his range of motion and his strength that first day as to the kind of family would try to work with Whitey on getting Hey, Patty. A quick pivot here. We've got about three or four minutes left with you. You're apparently a very busy young lady. Because not only are you a Physical therapist that mind body in Baltimore City. But you're also the head coach at rock Steady boxing, which is an organization that a lot of Parkinson's patients use. We actually had a Parkinson's patient on a few weeks ago, Michael Kruger, you may actually know him who swears by rocks. Yeah, he loved absolutely So talk about your work there. Yeah. So Rex study. Boxing is my passion project Thie. Only sport I love to do for myself happens to be boxing. And when I moved from Detroit, which has a really great boxing culture to Baltimore. That's one thing I was disappointed in him. You know, there wasn't that boxing live here at Clemson Clinic. Um, I never expected, though, that I would end up having a boxing gym for people with Parkinson's. It happened organically. I was treating somebody who I treated for actually back pain several times, and he returned to the clinic one day and I assumed it was for the fact I'm like, Hey, you know what happened here back this time?.

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